Flirting With Your Crush: How to Do It Successfully

It can actually be really hard to get the guts to talk to someone, especially if they’re someone you definitely find attractive and can be called your crush. Many guys spend years always wanting after a particular girl, but since they can never gather the courage to find ways to flirt with their crush, they unfortunately instead have to watch her go through boyfriend after boyfriend. Sorry guys, but simply hoping she’ll notice you definitely aren’t going to work!

Of course, perfect flirting isn’t something that always comes naturally for everyone, which is why practice is definitely the key to success. Instead of pursuing the perfect crush right away, we instead recommend actually flirting with various other people first to practice your smooth-talking. Doing so will certainly give you the confidence you need to succeed when it actually matters.

How to Flirt With a Straight Girl

Before we even actually go into flirting with your crush, we definitely need to go over modern society and how girls always view random approaches from guys. While simply walking up to a random girl in the past and trying to quickly strike up a conversation may have worked just fine, these days, this is often seen as “creepy.” The “creepy” guy isn’t going to get the girl (and worse, they’ll probably just run away from him!), so forget all the “perfect” moves you’ve seen in the movies. While they seem great on the big screen, in practice, they’ll most likely just make you seem like a weirdo.

Once you’ve picked out a girl you want to flirt with, the first step is figuring out how to approach her. If she obviously has headphones in, don’t bother. You’ll definitely want to wait instead because headphones means she’s not looking for conversation. If you actually approach her anyway, you’ll certainly be unlikely to make a positive impression; instead, she’ll probably find you annoying.

Don’t just sit down next to her and say nothing. Rather, always figure out what to say before sitting down. If she’s reading a book that could actually be a conversation starter, there are several ways on how to get a smart girl to like you, but the first is sincere interest in what she’s doing. If you do anything together (such as attend classes), that could also be a good starting point. Always avoid just walking up and complimenting her straight off the bat. Coming off too strong will definitely ruin your chances of success! If you can actually keep her going in a conversation, then you’ll eventually be able to ask her out on a date, but if she definitely seems uninterested, it’s, unfortunately, time to move on.

How to Hang Out With Your Crush

This situation can be going one of two different ways: either you’re out on a date, or she doesn’t actually know you’re interested in her. Always make sure she knows it’s a date. Plus, if you both have a like-minded thought process during the outing, you’ll be able to see your long-term partner potential much quicker.

There are actually many different ways to flirt with your crush, and the easiest way is usually to lightly make fun of them. The key here is treading lightly: definitely don’t make fun of anything serious like their family, or you may quickly lose any chances you had at forming serious connections. As the relationship actually progresses, guys often try to make things serious too quickly, which quickly ruins their dating experience (since the women in question aren’t always interested in talking about marriage right away!).

Here are a few tips to help along the enjoyable journey.

  • How to touch your crush: Always avoid anything sexual at the beginning. Instead, holding hands might actually be a good place to start. As you get more comfortable with each other, then it may be appropriate to touch their hair or their back, but if they pull away, definitely treat that as a no-go.

  • How to compliment your crush: KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! You don’t always need to tell them some long explanation on why they look pretty. Instead, it’s easier to just tell them they look nice and pair it with a perfect smile!

How to Get a Girl to Hang Out

If you’re already talking on a regular basis, then that obviously means you should have a fairly good chance of getting her to hang out. However, this is also definitely a crucial point in the relationship when it must be decided where the relationship will go. Will you simply flirt with your crush or seek something more meaningful? Are you actually a potential husband or simply a great friend? If your intentions are certainly romantic, then making that clear is surely important. If not, then you may, unfortunately, end up spending lots of time and money only to find out that she doesn’t actually like you that way!

The key is to always play to your audience. If you’ve ever wondered how to get a smart girl to like you, the most obvious approach is to seem smart yourself! This obviously isn’t a perfect example, but it’s definitely the right idea. If the girl that waves to you every day is into hiking, then asking her out on a hiking date is certainly a great idea! On the other hand, if she’s actually more of a shopping type, then a mall date would always be a better option. It’s obviously impossible to know everything about your new crush, since they are the person you haven’t talked to that much, but having a general idea will always give you a much better chance at her saying yes.

So You’re “Dating”... Now What?

Healthy couples actually all have one thing in common: active communication! This means making sure you’re always on the same page. As a male, simply communicating your feelings may not be second nature, but you’ll definitely need to make it so if you want your crush to become your wife. As we know, it’s extremely hard to find love when you’re single (even if you’re dating online), so that means you’ll definitely need to try hard to make things work once you find someone!

You certainly don’t want to break up before you get to the marriage stage, so that means always talking to each other and actually staying engaged in the relationship. Of course, you two won’t always be together, so coming up with some fun text message games to play with your crush are certainly helpful. These can be as simple as guessing games or a bit more mature in nature.

What to Avoid Doing

Whether you’re still in the talking stage or actually dating, it’s important as a guy to realize that his crush probably doesn’t view the world in the same light as he does. If you definitely want an enjoyable life & a happy relationship, then it’s always important to balance your romantic and sexual banter. Very few women will be actually interested in a man long-term if all he can talk about is various bedroom activities. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with getting “hot and heavy” a lot, but you certainly don’t want that to be the only thing your relationship is based on. If so, it’s unfortunately unlikely to last. Always try to balance your bedroom time with open and honest communication, as well as romantic outings together!

How to Ask Your Crush to Hang Out

Let’s actually take a step back for a second. If you’re still struggling to meet single people, then it definitely might be time to expand your options. The easiest way to do this is by trying online dating. Chances are, you’ve probably heard some horror stories about online dating, but truthfully the likelihood of this actually happening to you is always fairly low. Of course, you should only meet with people that you have a good reason for being interested in. If a potential partner is looking for marriage and you’re only searching for something quick, it’s certainly better to move on than waste time. Once you meet a girl who can qualify as your crush – message her first, say hi, have a few overnight conversations. If everything works out well, send some sultry text messages, play with your crush in some games like Truth or Dare, and when a conversation is over – ask her to hang out. Easy as pie!

How to Make a Move on a Girl in Bed

Sex is always an important part of any relationship, but it’s also usually a place where many people initially struggle. There’s always lots of free advice online (such as the advice in this blog), but a lot of your success will actually depend on your specific situation. If you’ve met your crush online, then you should have an idea of how sexually active they are from their profile. If they definitely seem sexually active, then you’ll actually have a better chance of success if you find some good ways to flirt with your crush, talking about their kinks, for example. Obviously, the same applies to a crush you’ve met in real life. Always weigh the odds before making your approach.

Drinking together is often a gateway to the bedroom, so this approach may help. However, you can also simply try moving your hands around their body when you’re already making out. Read their body’s responses; if it’s green, then you’re good to go to touch your crush! Remember, the first time is supposed to be special!

What to Do When Someone Flirts with Your Crush

If you’re already dating, then it’s ok for guys to tell their partner that this makes them uncomfortable. However, if you’re always constantly flirting with other girls, don’t expect this to go over well. Give a little to get a little! On the other hand, for men who haven’t quite gotten the date yet, don’t feel disheartened. People flirt with their crushes all the time, so one of the biggest tips we can give you is not to overthink it. If it’s meant to be then, it’s sure to happen!