What Do Men Find Attractive?

Attraction is subjective; what you find enticing won’t be the same for everyone. However, there are things we do to make ourselves as attractive as possible, but what do men actually find beautiful? These may be traits you’re already blessed with or to work on. Something to keep in mind is that trends, fashion, and societal attitudes at the tie are big influences in this. Keeping up with trends and staying on top of current desires will make you more appealing too.

One important factor to consider when embarking on a journey of attractiveness is to not lose yourself. Ultimately, someone will love unconditionally. The initial attraction may be there, but you need to ensure that your personality is where you shine. Keep a hold of the bits of you that feel right. The hobbies, physical features, and morals that make you. Don’t give this up for others, as when you ask yourself what men attracted to in a woman, the answer in 99% of the cases is sincerity are.

What Men Find Attractive in a Woman Physically

There are three aspects to men’s attraction to women: physical, personality and behavior. The physical will always come first, as this is the one we all see and make our initial impression on. There are 10 things men find physically attractive about women and are things you should look out for. Some you won’t be able to achieve; we’re not all born with the perfect feature. However, adopting what you can will increase your likeability to men.

  • Nice Hair. Healthy, long, and maybe even brightly colored draws in many men. Nice hair is enticing; they want to run their fingers through it. Keep this in mind when you reach for the deep conditioner.

  • Red Accents. Be it lipstick, clothes, hair, nails, or shoes. Men seem to be drawn to the color red, finding it seductive and incising. Try to add little hints to your wardrobe and see where it gets you.

  • Hygiene. This goes without saying but ensuring a high level of hygiene is vital when trying to attract men. It’s cute to be a little slobby sometimes but know when to turn the glam on and put your best foot forward.

  • Butt, Boobs, and Legs. It may seem crude, but these are, of course, the features men notice in a woman. Those are the things guys find sexually attractive, so knowing what features your best is and enhancing it will increase your chances of getting their attention.

  • Well -Kept. Ensuring you look groomed and looked after will aid the hygiene image.

  • Your Figure. This isn’t to say that your body has to be this idealized standard set by porn or media. Just knowing how to enhance your figure and show it off will be appreciated by men.

  • Smiles. Men like a nice smile! So, keep those teeth clean, the breath fresh, and a happy attitude. Happiness is contagious.

  • Unique Features. If you have a unique feature, life dimples or freckles, men will 100% pick up on it and love it! It is one of the things guys find attractive, sexually and aesthetically, so if you got something that makes you memorable – highlight it.

  • Voice. How you carry your voice and pitch of it can determine attraction for men, just like it does when you hear a man’s voice. You, of course, can’t control this, but if a man loves your voice, you’re winning.

  • Height. Another uncontrollable factor. Much like women, men do have a height preference. They’ll invariably try to find a partner who is shorter than him. However, this isn’t always the case.

  • There you have it; a sample of the things men find physically attractive about women. We imagine these aren’t too surprising, although you’ll think twice next time you’re getting ready for a night out!

What Do Men Like in Women?

Once you’ve caught his attention with your appearance, you’ll lock him in with your personality, which is what men love about women the most. At the core of it, your morals and goals probably won’t change and can enhance with your new partner. However, there’ll be elements of your personality that he will completely fall for! What could they be?

  • Independence. Men like to know the woman their seeing can look after them. They may want to be the alpha and protect you, but you need to be independent enough to care for yourself when he’s not around.

  • Non - judgmental. No one likes to be around judgmental people. They drain the fun from the room and puts people on edge. If you notice yourself getting judgmental, try to control it and work out why you’re acting like that.

  • Kindness. Men notice how empathetic/ caring you are. Be it to them or others, they will pick up on your treatment of others. Try to spread kindness where you can. Guys think being kind is both cute and attractive.

  • Intellect. “The Dumb Blonde” play is outdated and not appreciated anymore. Of course, you don’t have to be an academic or have a high qualification – just don’t play dumb to appear more feminine. Men like a woman who can contribute to the conversation and offer an interesting/ different perspective. Don’t be afraid to call him out on wrong things and to engage in passionate conversations.

  • Take an Interest in Him. Showing an interest in his hobbies and engaging will show you care. You don’t have to love the same things as him, but at least ask questions and show interest when he’s talking about it.

  • Sense of Humor. Men love a woman with a sense of humor! Bust jokes and have some banter with him when he’s playful/ teasing.

  • Social Skills. Guys, notice how you interact with others and how the room reacts to your presence. If you bring bad vibes, he will pick up on it, especially if you’re dating for some time. Keep things light-hearted and be open to talking to anyone! The more approachable you are, the higher the attraction.

  • Knowing When to Relax. Of course, look after yourself and be independent. However, guys like a woman who knows when to let loose and have some fun. Ensure you have a balance of work and leisure. This is a great habit to adopt in life!

  • Spontaneity. Feeding off the last one, let go and be willing to go on random adventures or do things on a whim.

  • Responsibility. Don’t be reckless with your life. When men get to a certain age, they need less drama and more comfort. Being responsible will be good for you and those around you.

Things That Guy’s Find Attractive

Moving on to the last element, there are certain behaviors of women that men find enticing. They may seem random at first glance; however, they show qualities and traits that are desirable in a partner. You may already be doing most of these, but make sure you have at least some of this worked out, as these are some of the things men find most attractive in a woman.

  • Politeness. Having grace and being respectful are attractive traits in anyone. Being rude doesn’t get you anywhere and makes it hard to be around you. Be conscientious of others and try to remember your please and thank you.

  • Cooking Skills. If you love spending time in the kitchen and experimenting with food, then you’ve got a fast track to your man’s heart. Cook him food whenever you can, or bring him baked good; you’ll linger in his mind. If you’re not a fan of cooking, have a good knowledge of decent restaurants nearby – it’ll help to boost your relationship with your boyfriend or husband!

  • Communicative. No one likes passive-aggressive tactics to resolving conflict. Showing you’re open with your emotions and know how to get your point across will draw him in.

  • Selfless Acts. To him or someone else, but show your caring side.

  • Being Present. If on a date r hanging out with him, be present at the moment. Out your phone down and take in your surroundings; you’ll be surprised what you notice.

  • Being Confident. Guys love a confident woman, especially one that knows how to carry themselves. Confidence is key to any dating scenario.

  • Have a Nice Posture. This goes with knowing how to carry yourself; having a nice posture will enhance your already beautiful figure.

  • Your Smell. An important aspect to attracting others! Finding a signature scent will give you confidence, draw people in and leave them thinking about you. If he smells your perfume on another woman, his mind will go straight to you.

  • Being a Good Listener. This ties in with being present and taking an interest in his hobbies. If you can show you’re listening to him and not trying to bring it back to you, his interest will rise.

  • Be Soft. This can be physically and emotionally. Having soft skin is undeniably attractive – combined with a soft aura will make him feel safe. Men want comfort too.

What Do Men Find Attractive in a Woman’s Face?

Zooming into one area of a woman and focusing on her face will allow us to understand a man’s mind. The exact feature preference will change for each man, although there are 4 main things men will be looking at. Eyes, lips, jawline, and neck/ collarbones - this is what men find beautiful and to each their own. Eyes are the window to the soul and the one thing that doesn’t age. Lips are obviously the attractive part of a woman’s face, so keep them soft! The law line is an enticing feature even women find themselves admiring. Neck/ collarbones are inherently feminine and allow the mind to wander…


Ultimately, to gain the attention of a man, ensure that your appearance is feminine, soft, and clean. He brings the gruff, and you bring the beauty, and that’s what men like in a woman. Remember, you only change your appearance if you want to. What one person finds attractive won’t be synonymous with everyone. Do what feels right, and the right man will come along. Have fun and keep your options open! Don’t tie yourself down until you’re sure that this man can handle all you offer.