How to Fall In Love Again & Find the Partner You Dream Of

Life is definitely complicated, and usually so are relationships. Unfortunately, there’s actually no way to actually go back & change the past, but we certainly can control the future. Throughout this entire article, we’ll be going over accepting the past, easily becoming your best self now, and quickly paving the way to your future romantical success.

How to Seal the Deal if I Ever Fall in Love Again?

If you’re actually thinking this, don’t worry—you’re not alone! For people who’ve never had a partner in their life, this is especially common since it’s certainly hard to project success on something you’ve never actually attempted. If this is you, then it’s actually good that you’ve stumbled upon this great article before finding yourself in a romance since we’ll definitely be able to give you some tips, “Do’s” & “Don’ts” to help you with your first relationship.

Maybe you’re in the “what if I never love again?” boat. We certainly get it; losing your beloved partner hurts a lot! Sadly, modern society does very little to prepare men for if their amazing partner leaves them, so while dating may actually seem second nature, dealing after a bad breakup is not. Unfortunately, many guys will find themselves full of self-pity but unable to actually cope with this in a positive manner; they usually turn to partying, drinking, or self-isolation to try to feel better about losing their great date. This is certainly not the right approach! Instead, you definitely need to first take control of the current situation, & that means actually accepting the situation. You, unfortunately, can’t change the past, but you certainly can change your entire mindset about it, so that’s definitely where you’ll need to start if you want to find love again.

What Is Acceptance?

Contrary to popular belief, acceptance isn’t always being overly happy or positive about a situation; it’s simply acknowledging that it exists. Avoid the advice of anyone who confuses these two. While it’s certainly possible to find great free advice on a random blog on the web, we actually recommend using these steps to work on acceptance.

  • Remove reminders. This means removing any items they may have left at your place but also always performing a digital cleanup. For example, if your profile picture actually has both you & your ex in it, then it’s time to take a new picture & update that photo. Also, make sure you always update your “relationship” status. This definitely may seem hard, but the first step always is.

  • Focus on the bad things. No, we actually don’t mean about your current situation; we mean about the relationship. The point of this step isn’t to set your ex as some sort of villain; rather, it’s to realize all the things that weren’t ideal in your past relationship.

  • See yourself as “Single.” Being single doesn’t have to be a chore; it can also be a choice! Instead of feeling bad that you don’t actually have a partner, start looking at things in a more positive manner. Remember, you can always get a new partner when the time is right, but for now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with playing the field a bit & enjoying a lack of attachments!

Getting Back Out There

There’s, unfortunately, no good particular set time or point when you know you’re actually ready to get back out there, but there definitely is a point where you know you’re not ready. When you think of your ex, does it always make you want to curl up in a corner & cry? If so, then you actually need to work a bit more on acceptance and changing your feelings concerning how does it feel to fall in love again, because you’re not quite ready for a relationship yet. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that you always need to hold yourself back. Take this as a chance to better yourself & meet new people while you work on your acceptance.

If you’ve accepted the past & the fact that you’re single, then you might be ready to start dating again. However, we’ve all heard the stories about using a new partner as a rebound, so make sure whoever your new partner is, you always have a good reason for pursuing them, not because you simply don’t want to be alone.

Is It Possible to Fall in Love Again?

The good news is yes, it definitely is! Unfortunately, the bad news is that it actually can take some time. This is partially why it’s often that a guy will pursue a sexual relationship with a person rather than a romantic one right after becoming single since these types of relations always provide instant gratifications. Unfortunately, various hookups won’t actually do anything to appease your emotional shortcomings, so they certainly aren’t a great long-term solution if you can’t find love. Instead, you always should try to take things slow & focus on creating serious connections. If the time is right, the perfect relationship will follow shortly.

Remember to think about the future when considering a new partner. Can you see yourselves having a great life & happy future together, or are they more of a short-term solution? You should always give yourself the best chance at success, so if you can’t see a serious future with them, then we don’t recommend bothering with the relationship at all. Instead, find someone you can talk to for hours, who loves the same things you do, and genuinely cares about you as a person, not just as a partner.

Can You Fall In Love Again?

It’s certainly possible to fall in love again, although it’s impossible to control with whom. Who knows—you could meet someone & be thinking, “I hope I don’t fall in love with you,” and then that person actually ends up being your perfect partner! If you’re one of those people always thinking, “if I ever fall in love again, then it will have to be with person X,” definitely change your mindset! It’s certainly OK for men to have an idea of their perfect dating partner, but your partner scope definitely shouldn’t be extremely limited, or you may never find this person you’re imagining. One of the most important tips we usually give to guys is don’t set specific expectations! Instead, follow our advice, be open-minded, & always go in with a positive attitude if you want to set yourself up for romantic success.

What If I Can’t Find Love?

Most people find themselves wondering, “will I ever fall in love again (and if so, with who)?” at one point or another. It may not always seem like it, but most healthy couples were also here at one point. They just stayed patient & kept looking for the perfect partner. Remember, even if you do find a partner, that doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to wife them up & enjoy a healthy marriage. Some couples end up taking a break, and others simply grow apart & stop talking to each other. Love definitely isn’t a game you should rush because it will surely end in heartbreak. Instead, always take your time & stay in it for the long haul.

Being the Perfect Partner (Or Husband) Takes Sacrifice

Although technically possible, it’s unfortunately unlikely that you will find yourself in a relationship that doesn’t require sacrifices. Making small sacrifices is usually simply a part of dating and learning how to find love; of course, this means only small changes. A partner who always demands entire lifestyle changes is probably not going to be worthwhile. Even if you do feel small waves of sadness while doing it, it’s certainly best to lose this partner from your life & find someone you’re definitely more compatible with.

How to Love Again

If you ever want to be in love again, then you’ll definitely need to find someone you actually like first. People talk about it a lot, but in truth, “love at first sight” is actually very rare, so always try to set realistic expectations. We obviously don’t need to tell you how does it feel to fall in love; if you’ve actually already been there, you’ll definitely know. If you can find a like-minded partner that you can form serious connections with, then you’ll certainly have a much easier time maintaining a long-term relationship (and perhaps even forming a perfect family!).

This should be your simple mindset: “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you.” Always keeping an open mind means you’ll definitely have a much wider range of single women at your disposal, which usually gives you a better chance at finding love. Actually, expanding beyond simple real-world options to online dating may also be worth considering. They have many niche-specific dating sites ranging from people ready for marriage to Asian singles only, so you can quickly find your perfect & ideal (but non-specific) partner.

The Worst Mindsets to Have

  • “I feel like no one will ever love me.” This is certainly bad because you’re quickly approaching self-pity. If this actually is a serious representation of how you feel, then it definitely may be time to seek counseling. You’re certainly unlikely to find love or a serious relationship if you’re unable to actually see yourself with a positive outlook.

  • “I fall in love with someone new every day.” When you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, it can definitely be easy to always become enamored with every person you see (especially if you’re a male). You’ll certainly need to get over this, and the reason’s surely obvious: your next partner definitely won’t appreciate it!