How to Flirt with a Married Woman - What’s It About?

There’s something alluring and exciting about flirting with a married woman, especially if she’s sending flirty signals your way. However, reality hits home, and you realize she’s taken for. Do you continue to reciprocate her advances and think about how to approach a married woman or retreat like a wounded soldier? Sure, respect should leave you understanding she’s taken, but that craving to discover more leaves you wondering whether she really wants to be a wife.

She’s clearly eager; she’s making eyes or has started a conversation, so where do you take it from there? If you’re eager to throw down the gauntlet and begin flirting with her, it can help to understand what’s expected of you, and that’s where we come in!

How to Tell if a Married Woman is Flirting with You?

Married women still choose to flirt, so it helps if guys are ready to understand when that’s happening and what the signs are. She might be unhappy in her marriage or looking for something different, but if she’s making advances, then it’s time to make your move. So, what are the signs of married woman flirting with you?

She’s Touching You Frequently

After she’s approached you, she begins chatting. Things are going well, and you’re enjoying being in her company. What was once a normal conversation has now become something more because she has moved closer to you. Perhaps this is nothing unusual, but then comes one of the clear signs a woman is flirting with you - she’s touching you. Perhaps she touches your hand, your arm, or your waist; whatever she touches, it’s a sign she really likes you. What’s more, if she gives you a hug and gets closer that way, then this is a clear indication that she’s wanting something more.

She Making Eye Contact

Perhaps you haven’t struck up a conversation yet, but she’s looking at you from across the room. Whether that’s while you’re grabbing a coffee, in the office, or on the train, those eyes are staring deeply into yours every once in a while. As you catch her eye, she looks away, but this is something that continues to happen. She’s actively making an emotional connection with you, and she’s eager for you to smile her way, but it’s one way of understanding that a married woman is flirting with you.

She Sends a Teasing Text

Understanding how to tell if a girl is flirting with you over text is easier than you might think. Should her text message contain an open-ended question such as “hey, got much planned tonight?” then she’s eager to keep up-to-speed with your plans. You’re firmly on her radar, so her message is designed to leave you exploring a further conversation whereby you agree to meet up eventually.

She’s Keen to Get Closer

After meeting at a bar, she places an item between. This could include her bag or even her drink. Whatever she places between you acts as a barrier because she feels safer behind her barrier. However, once she begins moving this barrier to one side, it’s akin to the floodgates opening. She’s highlighting her desire to allow you closer while giving herself the freedom to get closer to you.

If a Married Woman Texts You What Does It Mean?

Married women tend to keep themselves away from guys that they’re attracted to. When seeing people in person, she avoids making contact because she understands that she’s married and taken. Despite this, there are ways and means for her to connect with you. Flirting via text message breaks down awkward barriers, making it simple for her to show those clear signs that she’s into you.

She’s Unhappy in Her Marriage

If you’ve identified that a married woman is flirting with me via text, then it helps to understand the reason why she’s texting you. In the majority of instances, she’s likely to be extremely unhappy in her marriage. The messages might be extremely detailed, which will clearly indicate her feelings, although they could be empty messages with hidden messages. Either way, your role is to decipher these messages and respond accordingly.

She’s Looking for Fun on the Side

These messages she’s been sending have been leaving you feeling slightly confused. One minute she’s open and ready to go all out, then the next, it’s as though she remembers she’s still married. Either way, these messages clearly indicate she’s dipping her toe into the waters of infidelity, and she’s not going to stop until she’s up to her neck! These messages are clearly showing you signs that she’s looking for some fun, so learn how to approach a married woman in these instances. Ensure you’re both understanding each other and recognize the potential outcome!

How do You Respond?

The response to her messages will either take the conversation to the next level or put an end to her advances. Think carefully about how to tell a married woman you like her, respond eagerly, and she’ll take the bait and begin ramping up the pressure and flirty messages. Respond slightly subdued and mysteriously, and she’ll wonder what her next move should be. The trick to responding correctly is making sure you understand the signals she’s sending your way because this could really put an end to the messages or keep them flowing freely. While you might not understand how to hit on a married woman, this opportunity won’t come around often, so perhaps it’s time to act!

Flirting with a Married Woman - Are There Rules?

Once married women begin flirting with guys, it almost instantly indicates that men can take any approach they wish. After all, she’s clearly willing to forget about her marriage for a while, so why should guys hold back when she’s sending every possible signal possible?

Take Your Time

Remember, she’s married because, ultimately, she’s got someone waiting at home for her. Therefore, you don’t want to rush in and begin forcing the situation only for her to head home with her tail between her legs. You might be wondering why would a man flirt with a married woman? Well, why not? She’s flirting with you, so it’s polite to flirt with her. So, take your time and enjoy the situation because it could actually go somewhere.

Don’t Mention Her Husband

Once she begins making eye contact or touching you, you’ll no longer need to worry about how to know if a married woman is flirting with you. These clear signs might give you the impulse to begin flirting, which is absolutely fine. However, if you’re looking to impress her and actually take this meeting somewhere, then it pays not to mention her husband. She might have raw feelings about her husband, or maybe they’re going through a painful break-up. Essentially, she’s flirting because she wants to forget about her husband and explore the freedom of being single.

Let Her Know You Like Her

This behavior might seem strange, but after she’s started flirting, you’re almost free to work out how to tell a married woman you like her. She could be the hottest lady in the world, but until she started flirting, you’d have never thought about flirting with her. Still, this opportunity has landed in your lap, and you’re keen to make every second count. Therefore, letting her know you like her will inform her of your feelings and intentions. It’ll also inform her of what move she can make next.

How to Flirt with a Married Woman by Text?

Text messages are perfect for harmlessly flirting with married women. It’s also relatively secretive, which can leave you feeling at ease because she’s actually married. However, getting closer to her via text message is easier than many men believe.

Let Her Set the Tone

How to approach a married woman? Don’t assume she’s willing and ready to begin flirting. If you begin flirting heavily and weirdly, then the replies will dry up. What you need is a simple approach whereby letting her guide the conversation really works. Let her begin the flirting and ease yourself into the conversation. A playful, reading response will drive her wild, but her desire to respond will lead to her replying with something more playful. Her responses should guide your responses, and that’s vital.

Remember She’s Married

Being married means, she’s legally committed to someone and clearly had feelings for them at some point. Those feelings might still remain, and she might just be exploring something different. Therefore, being mindful of her situation and ensuring you keep things respectful when text messaging will really make a difference.

Go All Out

Actually, what’s the point in taking your time? She’s made the first move with the initial flirty text message, and she’s clearly picking up the pace here. Therefore, you’ve nothing to lose, which means you’re free to begin flirting with her any way you wish – flirt with that married woman by text and IRL. Pick up the pace and begin flirting as you would with a single lady. If she’s keen, she’ll keep those advances coming, but if she’s fearful, you’ll instantly know.


Married women often feel the urge to explore something different. Whether they’re serious about connecting with guys or are looking for harmless, playful fun, it’s down to you to recognize those signals and interpret them. Get them right, and something special awaits you; get them wrong, and still, something could happen!