Find out what to do on a first date

Get the best tip for the first date

The first date is usually full of awkward moments, nervous chatter, or, conversely, prolonged pauses. Everyone knows that the further development of relations with a potential partner depends on how the first date goes.

When you just start to get to know a person, his interests and tastes, and you want to look perfect, but you still worry, and it does not depend on age and experience.

Once you decide to go out on a date, you can get a little nervous. It's quite normal. Here you can find information on how to prepare for your first date.

Here are tips on how to go on a date, make your partner fall in love with you and help you feel more confident.

First date advice. You need to listen carefully to where the potential partner invites you; if he invited you to a restaurant, then a beautiful dress will look very romantic. But you don't need to wear too vulgar clothes on your first date if you are in the mood for a serious relationship and want to impress him.

Second date advice. What is the right way to behave on a first date if you are worried? In fact, everything is very simple; you need to know a few nuances: first, it is worth noting that you, as a lady, can be 15 minutes late. But if you are late by an hour, a man may already leave without waiting for you. What to talk about on a first date? You can think of some interesting conversation topics in advance. You should behave modestly and smile more often, just relax and be yourself.

Third dating advice. You do not need to talk incessantly; you should also listen to your interlocutor. Also, do not interrupt your partner - this is elementary etiquette. The fact is that on a date, many people tend to tell as much as possible about themselves, not allowing their partner to tell about themselves. If you start getting ready for a date, you should know that talkativeness is good, but excessive talkativeness is not very good. Many people, especially men, value listening skills.

Fourth dating advice. Do not be afraid of non-forbidden touching. For example, a light touch to the hand will not be considered by the partner as an annoyance, but subconsciously will begin to consider you as a sexual object. Tactile contact allows you to check if there is fluid between you. Whatever you do, be yourself because there is nothing more strange than a person playing a role that does not match his temperament.

All of these tips cannot be considered universal, suitable for any date. This is worth accepting because there is nothing wrong with these recommendations. But each person is individual, and there is no standard, identical situations, so it is worth making a decision based on life experience, intuition, and feelings. Sometimes spontaneous behavior and sincere actions can be right, and a carefully thought-out strategy fails unexpectedly. This is life, and there is nothing you can do about it. Listen to your heart; it will tell you what is better to do.

How to have a good first date

A first date is an event where people can understand how interesting they are to each other and whether they have a romance perspective. This is the time to form the right attitude towards yourself. You should know how to have a great first date. Read tips for first dates.

The partner should be interested in you. But to become interested not only in your attractive appearance but also in your inner world.

Respect your partner, and don't be late for your first date. If it seems to you that there may be more serious prospects, then it is better to declare yourself as a serious person.

A noisy place is not the best choice for a first date. This can be a great place for other meetings, but not for a first date. Shouting and questioning you both will tire you, and you will lose all interest in communication. You should also not invite friends; the event is only for two.

What to talk about

The main question is: what to talk about? If you're smart, be neutral, stay calm, and listen to what the guy has to say. If he wants to talk about clubs, tell him which ones you like and where you are, show your partner that you have your own interests. It should be easy with you, do not complain about problems, respond to his topics and be on the wave of his mood. Naturally, on any date, there may be times when both partners have nothing to say. Remember that the partner falls in love with you, not with what you say.

How to behave.

On a date, be light, calm, and even more serious. Let your partner wonder what you think, whether you liked him, whether he made a good impression. He will find you interesting and mysterious, which is what you need.

Behave naturally - as if you are constantly going on dates, and this meeting is nothing like that for you. Behave like this even if you haven't met anyone for several years.

Ask questions.

Ask questions you are interested in about his personality, maybe he wants to tell something about himself, and if you help him, he will be grateful to you. A simple question: "Tell us about yourself. Where do you work, what are your hobbies for, how do you spend your time?", And then develop the topic that, as you feel, is closest to him. Everyone appreciates the ability to listen.


Give subtle compliments. Everyone loves compliments, and if you really enjoy something, give some neat compliments. The ability to say compliments is a special art, and you need to master it.

Tell about yourself.

Of course, if you want, you can also share what you want; there are only two unwanted topics: ex-partners and any negativity. Your keen interest in his story is great, but too much interest in him is inappropriate. Your interest should be lively but calm.

Believe in yourself

This rule should be the main one for you. Self-love, good self-esteem, and self-confidence are the main rules for your future success. This isn't just for the first date. So you can show your charisma and attractiveness. In general, people love partners with whom they can breathe easily, with whom they do not need to strain and follow their every word. It should be just pleasant to have a person next to you.

When we go on a first date, we have high hopes for the person we are interested in. Everyone wants the first meeting to be easy and pleasant for two people.

If the first date ended well, then you probably want to see each other again. But sometimes, a man hesitates to suggest the next meeting immediately, and a woman is embarrassed to ask about it. But there is nothing inconvenient in this. It's better to ask a question than to wait for a call or message later.

What to expect on a first date

So you've met your ideal person. First, you need to make a great first impression. If you don't want your first date to be your last date, it's important to understand a few first date tips for women. The first meeting usually determines how the relationship will develop further. So, how not to behave on a date with a stranger and what topics it is better not to talk about, a woman usually decides based on her experience. But if you have little experience, you can find tips here, things to do on a first date.

Be confident.

It's natural to be nervous on a first date. There are no specific guidelines for showing self-confidence. Behave naturally, be yourself - this is the greatest way to look relaxed and charming.

Don't be boring

How to have a successful first date? How to behave on a first date? First and foremost: do not tell the man about your problems, this meeting should be remembered as a bright, positive event. If it's easy and fun with a girl, then the man wants to meet her again. Choose light topics of conversation, fill in the pauses with questions about his interests, do not talk too much about yourself. You have to be positive, and then you have a chance for a successful relationship.

Let him pay for you

Don't be discouraged that your partner wants to pay the restaurant bill. He doesn't need your independence; he just wants to be gallant.

Don't talk about problems

Very often, women immediately begin to talk about their life problems, thinking that a man should solve them. And right away! Any information must be presented on time and correctly. Of course, if a man likes a girl, he will take care of her and help solve her problems, but not on the first date. After the first date, a girl should leave an impression of happiness, but not boredom. A man needs to be inspired, and then he will want to help you.

How to behave after a first date

Remember, that which is easy to get is not appreciated. Don't call first, and don't be a one-night stand. Allow the man to take the initiative, do not show too obvious interest. He must miss you and want to see you again.

In general, as practice shows, women make many mistakes already in the first meeting, although sometimes they themselves do not realize it. But, if you follow your behavior, what you say about yourself, and prepare for the first date the way the experts advise, most likely the man will invite you on the next date.

First date rules for men

So, you met a girl. It doesn't matter where in a bar, club, or on a dating site. The main thing is that you liked her and you asked her out on a date. The first date is the most memorable event in your future relationship. So how to start a date? Try to find out her preferences before the first date; find out what your potential partner loves. You can ask a friend, "tell me a way you might get ready for a date," if he has experience in relationships, you can use his advice.

You should consider her hobbies and preferences. Some girls prefer walking in the park, while others want to visit a good restaurant. But do not forget about your interests.

Be original. Do you think she had dates once? Most likely, yes. You are at least the second, which means there is already a risk of repeating the scenario of her last date. The main task is to stand out. Don't ask the trivial questions, "What would you do today if tomorrow was the last day of your life?"

Be emotional.

Girls love emotions. Emotions that remain after dating are important for a girl. If a partner wants emotions, provide them to her. Speak so that she listens to you with interest. Immerse her in childhood, make her dream, tell her about a bright future that already inspires hope.

Set direction

On a date, you don't need to ask questions; ask directions. Any interrogative sentence should suggest a detailed answer and not "yes-no." Think about what to ask on a date.

The first date is good. If your companion happily accepted the invitation to see you, then you can hope for a real relationship. There are general rules that should be followed if a woman is really interesting in terms of a serious romance.

Don't be too intrusive. Even if you really like the girl, you shouldn't bother her. First, the woman will experience discomfort from constant calls and messages from you. Everyone has the right to rest and employment. So, your potential girlfriend may turn out to be a businesswoman who does not have so much free time to respond to the messenger constantly. Secondly, overly obsessive attention is annoying. Be yourself and don't rush things.