Should I Make the First Move?

The rules of when to make the first move and who should do it are shifting. The old rules have been thrown out the window when it comes to making the first move! All we have to do now is adjust. Remember the 1960s women’s movement? This struggle for equality paid off handsomely. Women advanced in their careers, entered politics, and grew in social power. The dating standards have been irrevocably altered as a result of this domination. Some men simply adore this! When a lady chases them, it relieves some of the strain. The mystery of whether or not she is interested in them is no longer a factor. And they want this pattern to continue in the relationship.

It used to be only the man

In the ancient days of dating, the male was the one who had to make the first move. He’d use whatever means necessary to win the “beautiful maiden’s” heart. How depressing must it have been to bring flowers, chocolates, and costly dinners just to be turned down before even touching hands? Men are no longer the only providers in today’s culture. Women may earn more money and have more power than their male counterparts.

Now it can be the woman too

Is it possible that making the first move makes a woman appear desperate? Not. It just levels the playing field, something that their 1960s counterparts would be ecstatic about. In any case, the fundamental aim remains the same: meeting someone, getting to know them, and determining whether or not they are compatible. One thing is certain: whoever makes the initial move exudes confidence. That’s a complete turn-on!

Why Do Guys Have to Make the First Move

Guys have to make the first move because women choose the wait-and-see approach, given that a large number of women say they won’t make the first move. They are afraid of being rejected. Therefore they are hesitant. Women may also be put off by the idea that it is always the man’s responsibility to make the first approach. Men, by nature, will always go out and make the first move. This restricts women who have been socialized to wait for males to initiate contact. If a woman initiates, there is also a concern of being judged. Women may also be concerned that they may be regarded as unwomanly and aggressive.

Long-held conviction

Women have their ideas about why males should worry about making the first move on a girl. When males make the first move, it helps women feel wanted. It also fits their romantic ideals of males proposing to them on their knees. However, some women might initiate bold conversations which some men find attractive. At the same time, it could be a turn-off for some others.

It’s difficult to spot women’s first move

Even if they know how to make the first move, women rely on gestures such as frequent eye contact, a smile, flipping their hair, hanging on to every word of the conversation, and laughing more often while talking to a man. They would then wait for the man to make his move. Feminine moves are well covered, so it becomes difficult for men to identify them. It can be very subtle, like a simple compliment such as, ‘Hey, you have a nice shirt,’ or ‘You have a nice smile. Even in today’s world where women are walking hand-in-hand with men, the first moves from females could be just compliments or any other friendly gestures and nothing more.

Should a Girl Make The First Move

There was a time when women who initiated dating relationships were seen as immoral. There may be some males who still have this mindset. There are no hard and fast rules in this situation. Because the dating landscape is evolving, there are no longer any gender-defined roles as more women become financially and emotionally independent. They become decision-makers and go-getters as a result of their independence. Relationship norms are evolving as well. The girl making the first move is not a taboo subject. As an example, if you’re wondering how to make the first move on a guy, you could strike up a fascinating conversation with him. You’re talking, laughing, and having a great time when you look down at your wristwatch and remark, “Oh no, I have to leave, but hey...take my phone number. Please give me a call so we may continue our discussion” or anything along those lines, and you’re ready to go. Okay, the ball is now in his court. If he takes up the ball and starts calling you and asking you out, that’s fantastic! From there, you can see where it goes. That is just what you desired. If he does not call you, though, you have your answer. Cut your losses and move on if he isn’t interested in you.

How to Get Him to Make the First Move

Are you confident enough in yourself? Are you secure enough in yourself to play hard to get and figure out how to get the guy to make the first move? Most women are well aware that they must work hard to be certain that a man is truly interested in them.

Don’t be overly accessible

Regrettably, many women are unsure of how to proceed with this. Playing hard to get is something that every woman must learn to do and be successful if she wants to keep a man for good. Don’t give him everything at once; instead, leave him with just enough of you to make him desire more and more each day. Keep in mind, however, that the hard-to-get attitude should not be overused.

Make sure you’re perfecting your timing

It’s all about timing when it comes to getting a guy to make the first move. Give him small indications that you are interested during the initial encounter, and be on the lookout for signs that he is reciprocating. If your efforts go unnoticed, dismiss it and go on. He isn’t interested in you and isn’t worth the bother.

Do not call him if he asks for your phone number and you give him yours

Allow him to contact you first. However, do not pick up on the first ring. (That is, assuming you have caller I.D. and identify his number.) Don’t be alarmed if he doesn’t call straight away. A guy will generally contact you a few days to a week before asking you out on a date. Decide on a time that is convenient for both of you and stick to it.

Finally, when date night arrives, be at ease

Ask him about his likes and dislikes to see if you can discover any common ground. Laugh at his jokes, and gaze into his eyes. Do not bring up the possibility of a second date. Allow him to ask you for one more time. On your first date, don’t divulge too much about yourself. Just enough to pique his curiosity and entice him to learn more about you. It’s simple and enjoyable to persuade a man to make the first move. Make certain, though, that you keep him engaged so that his attention does not stray.

How Does a Girl Make the First Move

So you’re wondering how does a girl makes the first move and attracts her man’s attention? First and foremost, kudos to a courageous woman like you! Despite so much societal conditioning - on T.V., in books, in novels - implying that the guy should initiate the romantic and seductive move, it’s a wonder that some women are willing to go against the grain and pursue their true desires. And guess what? The fact that you’re looking for advice on how to make your first move as a woman should work in your favor. The element of surprise alone is enough to knock him off his feet. It’s not every day that a woman expresses her feelings for a man, and when she does, the outcome is nearly always favorable. All that’s left for you to do now is execute your move in such a manner that it doesn’t appear easy or desperate...call it subtle yet stingy if you like. Let’s take a look at these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to making the first move on a guy that will land you the man you want right in your pocket!

So you’ve found your dream man, but he’s 5 meters away from you

Send him a barrage of looks until your gazes collide. When they do, maintain eye contact for a couple of seconds before ‘shyly’ removing it. The importance of eye contact in communicating messages cannot be overstated. Simply making that easy action will communicate to your ideal guy that you want to meet and get to know him better.

In a few minutes, he should be approaching you

So you’re already having a good time with someone? Great! Invading his personal space with a simple lean should take him off a surprise. This, like the previous method, does an excellent job of informing him of your interests.

Alternatively, approach him and tell him you like him

This one isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you’re going to use it, make sure you do it with confidence and bravery. Here’s what you should do: look him in the eyes, go near to him, and tell him you like him and want to learn more about him. Bam! We don’t believe you’d be conveying a cryptic message. You convey the message you want him to hear, and it will reverberate in his brain for days to come. He’ll be astounded as a deer caught in the headlights.

Have you ever met any ladies who appear to be “fortunate in love,” with everything concerning men coming easily and naturally to them? Let us tell you something... it isn’t magic. You also don’t have to be beautiful or youthful. You also don’t have to be lucky. It all comes down to personal taste. Do you have a hard time waiting and are aggressive? Are you more emotional and like to wait for the appropriate moment? The most important thing is to be yourself and have some fun with it.