Why do men like big boobs?

All men can be divided into two categories: those who like small breasts and those who like large ones. If you want to know more about this, you need to turn to statistics. By selecting a group of males between the ages of 18 and 60 directly asked them a question that interests all of us: "What do they like more?" As a result, it turned out that 49% of men would like big breasts, 41% - 10% found it difficult to answer.

First surprise: relatively modest scores for large breasts. Young people prefer smaller breasts: those under 25 do not tolerate full breasts. But owners of large sizes should not despair; mature men love them. Most of them love impressive breasts, which are in harmony with their full-length apartments, solid cars, impressive income: "A woman should look like a woman," or: "Because I was crazy about Sophia Loren as a teenager."

There are several reasons why men like large female breasts so much.

  • Women's breasts can make even the most boring outfit seductive. Think an old sweater can't decorate you? Doubt aside, men most likely won't even remember the color of this sweater!

  • This is real hypnosis. Even a woman can stare at a beautiful female breast for a long time. And for men, this is generally the highest happiness! I wonder how much, on average, a man can look at his chest without blinking?

  • The chest is beautiful to the touch. If it ended up in men's hands - it's a success! And be sure, he really likes her.

  • The chest can change shape. Depending on whether you are standing or lying, jumping or running, all this fascinates men!

  • Another reason to hug more often. Do you know why two men do not really want to hug each other, and with a girl - for a sweet soul? It's all about this advantage!

  • Almost any man, to the question: "Why do you love women's breasts so much?" will answer very simply: "Because!" Men often simply have no other arguments.

Straight female attracted to breasts

Where do all men look when they talk to any female representative? That's right, on the chest. And even if you thought about eyes, hopefully, admit it, it was just hope. It remains only to find out why exactly the chest, and not all other, no less cute parts of the body ...

We have all observed the situation more than once when men look at a woman's breasts as if hypnotized. At the same time, even the most reasonable representative of the stronger sex, during a conversation with a woman, now and then shifts a little below the face.

The authors of the book "The Chemistry of Feelings Between Us: Love, Sex and the Science of Attraction," two American researchers Larry Young and Brian Alexander, tried to explain what is happening.

After considering all the emotional, biological and cultural aspects of this issue, the authors decided that the real reason why heterosexual men are fascinated by female breasts is a hormone that is released during breastfeeding.

When a woman is breastfeeding, her body releases powerful doses of the hormone of joy. With the help of which, a psychological connection is established between mother and child. A chest is also an evolutionary tool of attraction between lovers.

According to Dr. Young, from a biological point of view, men's obsession with female breasts is rather strange. “Sexually, males are the only male mammals to be turned on by female breasts. And females are the only female mammals whose breasts enlarge during adolescence but remain largely unchanged during pregnancy. We are also the only species that are caressing and sexually stimulate breasts during sex and foreplay. "

That being said, women certainly love the masculine attention to their breasts. Researchers from the University of Sheffield found that breast stimulation leads to a state of sexual arousal in 82% of women, and almost 60% of women ask men to touch their breasts during intimacy.

The authors of the book also cite more than a thousand years of art celebrating the beauty and attractiveness of the female breast. But the passion for her in men is natural, not acquired, because boys in sandpits do not learn to love women's breasts. Interest in her is biological, and it begins to emerge over time, as the researchers believe.

When a man caresses a woman's breasts, it triggers the same brain processes as breastfeeding. The mechanism that creates the bond between the child and the mother is to blame for everything. The newborn baby stimulates the mother's breast, which releases the hormone oxytocin. This relaxes the smooth muscles in the chest, and milk is released. But oxytocin has another role as well. He draws the mother's attention to the child. At the same time, the face, smell, and sound of the baby's voice are firmly memorized in the mother's brain, strengthening the connection between them.

In other words, men's love of breasts is an unconscious evolutionary drive that helps humans form a lasting bond. Moreover, craving for the female breast is sometimes destructive for the male brain. Research even shows that when they see breasts or just a bra, men begin to make decisions that are not based on logic and other constraints.

Biggest breasted woman in the world

Some will write that not everyone likes big boobs, but nevertheless, a woman with large breasts evokes more visual responses from a male. According to this characteristic, it will outstrip the same woman with a smaller size. This fact is easily confirmed by the observation method.

Envy. Some researchers have noticed that lovers of large female breasts most often tend to surround themselves with large objects. If cars - then SUVs. If at home - then of immense spaces and sizes.

Suppose a woman is large, at least in some of her volumes. This is associated with the way of self-affirmation—the desire to cause envy among friends, rivals, and others in general.

The paradox is that for some of them, this part of the body can even cause antipathy. But the desire to arouse envious glances overpowers and makes you endure something that can be unpleasant, even visually.

Complex: A number of sexologists claim that men with a banal complex choose a life partner with large breasts. This complex is associated with the size of the penis. Unsatisfied with their primary sexual characteristics, men seem to "get it" at the expense of their beloved. It is for this reason that female sizes are cultivated, almost deifying them.


The breast is the part of the body that primarily distinguishes the female body from the male. That is, it is a manifestation of femininity.

And the larger its volume and size, the more the woman differs from the man, which automatically attracts attention. And attention is followed by the manifestation of desire.

Propaganda. There is an opinion that a big chic bust is an imaginary standard of beauty imposed on society by the industries interested in this. In particular, we can talk about plastic surgery, the production of underwear, and other related industries. With the help of the media, the big players in these markets have simply artificially established the busty image in the minds of both sexes.

Most women in the world either have large breasts or dream of having one. A gorgeous bust always attracts the attention of men and makes other women envy.

A native of Argentina and a resident of Mexico, Sabrina Sabrok (before the fame of Loren Fabian Colotta) has one of the largest breasts in the world. The girl was born in 1976, and nature has awarded her with a rather modest breast. However, she corrected this mistake not without the help of plastic surgeons. Sabrok desperately believed that glory would come only when she acquired an impressive breast, which can be compared to the landmark of the famous Pamela Anderson.

For the first time, Sabrina had an operation in 1996, and how many operations she did is unknown. But almost immediately after the changes in the figure, a girl with an extraordinary appearance was invited to appear in commercials (Sanyo, Diesel Jeans, Harley Davidson, Bic, Volkswagen). As soon as there was a stable income, Sabrok formed a group of Primeras Impresiones and began to play in the style of electro-punk. The band has released seven albums and even played as an opening act for Merlin Manson.

As for the chest, her girth was 110 centimeters; five years later, Sabrina Sabrok was already wearing a seven-kilogram chest with a girth of 150 centimeters. In 2006, the girl became the owner of the figure she dreamed of (having made the size up to 42XXX). With an increase of 174 centimeters, its parameters are 150-55-100. And, despite all the inconveniences, Sabrok does not want to stop there and someday plans to get into the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the largest bust in the world.

Brazilian Sheila Hershey was recognized as the owner of the largest breast in 2008, according to the Guinness Book of Records. The dancer, actress, and singer had 18 plastic surgeries over the course of several years before wearing the breasts of her dreams. The girl wanted to be proud of her own huge breasts and, first of all, did it for herself. At that time, she was the owner of a 38KKK silicone breast (or size 20), and for a girl, this is not the limit. Sheila also changed her natural thighs, calves, buttocks, nose, and lips.

60-centimeter Sheila Hershey surgeons warned that her artificial breasts could burst from the amount of silicone, but this did not frighten the determined girl. But on the way to a huge bust, a problem arose - before the girl lived in the United States, where there is a restriction on the maximum volume of silicone implants. Then Sheila and her family moved to Brazil and did not skimp on the operation. However, six months later, Sheila developed chest pains. In 2010, a staphylococcal infection was discovered, and the silicone was immediately removed. In the fall of the same year, the star had to part with her natural mammary glands. In the beginning, the girl stated that she was absolutely not upset about this and happily wore the first size breast. But then there were news in the press about several attempts to commit suicide. Therefore, in 2011, she agreed to a breast augmentation operation to the previous size of 51KKK. It is worth noting that this was not done in vain - a year later, the girl got into a car accident. The airbags failed, and Sheila was saved by her breast implants.

However, on the planet, only a few women have a very large bust. Chelsea Charms has the largest breasts in the world. She was born in 1976 and became popular and famous precisely because of her feminine charm. Chelsea is proud of her breasts and never misses an opportunity to show them off. By profession, Charms is a pornographic actress and stripper. And it is noteworthy that not only outstanding breasts but also a diploma from Harvard University helped the woman to achieve career heights, albeit such dubious. Chelsea Charms' chest weighs 11.8 kilograms. The girl's website says that a bust of size 164XXX has such an impressive weight. It became so huge because of the polypropylene implants, which are installed only by plastic surgeons. Special threads, which are implanted in the mammary glands, begin to absorb water gradually and gradually increase. Chelsea Charms' breasts grew at the same rate and grew at the same rate. However, initially, it was assumed that it should be even more.

Chinese woman Ting Hiafen has huge natural breasts. Each breast of the girl, who is now 22 years old, weighs 10 kilograms and is about half a meter in size (hanging by 48 centimeters and 30 centimeters away from the ribs).

The girl was born ordinary and developed like her peers. But at one point, unusual things began to happen to Ting. Her breasts began to grow at a terrifying rate without ceasing. And in just six months, it has grown to 19 inches (48 centimeters) long and 12 inches (30 centimeters) wide. As a result, at the age of 15, Hiafen surpassed all women in the world. This rapid growth began due to a rare disease that a Chinese woman suffers from. Natural breasts of the largest size bring Ting Hiafen only inconvenience and disappointment. In China, women tend to wear a small bust, ranging from size zero to two. The third and fourth are rare. Ting had to make custom bras for herself at a local atelier. In addition, a girl can only sleep on her back. Moreover, the Chinese woman's chest muscles stretched 4 inches (10 centimeters); as a result, she could not even walk without assistance, her chest was supported all the time. To prevent Ting Hiafen's breasts from growing further, the girl turned to plastic surgeons. After a thorough examination, the doctors found a serious abnormality in the work of the body. The doctors diagnosed “abnormal conditions in the mammary glands.” The girl underwent a radical removal operation. After that, the breast did not become smaller but stopped growing.

How to get busty

  1. To pump muscles

    The pectoral muscles support the chest, and like any other muscle in the body, they can be pumped up and strengthened. On the Internet or in a fitness club, you can always find out which exercises with simulators and at home will help work out your chest muscles. Your muscles will get stronger and bigger, and your breasts will look bigger.

  2. Drink milk

    Many studies suggest that foods such as milk and papaya juice promote breast growth. Vitamins and nutrients contained in them have a beneficial effect and stimulate the growth of breast tissue.

  3. Use cream

    There are no cosmetics that will increase the volume of the breasts, but good plant-based creams can make the skin of the breasts firmer and even slightly "lift" the breasts. The main thing is that the cream was natural and not from perfume oil and fat.

  4. Add flax seeds to food

    There is an opinion that breasts can become larger and "fuller" if the body has a sufficient amount of natural estrogen (the hormone responsible for the condition of the mammary glands). Phyto-estrogen is found in flax seeds. And many lovers of this product use it with yogurt or kefir to achieve bust growth.

  5. Push up

    The most effective exercise will allow you to pump up the relief on the muscles of the chest. The chest will become stronger, the bust will rise, and at the same time, the arms will acquire a beautiful shape.

  6. Don't forget about proteins

    Protein is needed not only for people who regularly go to the gym and eat protein shakes. Protein is also needed by a girl who decided to strengthen her chest muscles. Eat more dairy products, fish, meat, nuts. Avoid foods high in sugar, fast food, and soda. If you eat right, all parts of your body will become attractive, not just your breasts.

  7. Get a massage

    It is not necessary to invite a massage therapist. You can massage your breasts yourself. Massage stimulates blood flow, tissues receive more nutrients, become more elastic, do not lose firmness.