White Man / Asian Woman Relationships

Not too long ago, interracial relationships were uncommon and considered unsightly. Thankfully, times have changed (as have people’s opinions), so now most people are free to date whomever they like. This is great for all the white guys who are looking for an Asian partner, as well as the Asian women seeking white men. There are a couple of different reasons why this pairing is so common (and we’ll get into it more later on), but the important part is that it works well. In long-term relationships with children, the kids are always extremely cute!

Whether you’re already in an interracial relationship with an Asian woman or simply considering the possibility, we hope this article will give you a bit more insight into the practice. Remember, love is a universal language, so as long as a relationship has two dedicated partners, anything’s possible!

Why Do Asian Girls Like White Guys?

First things first: we want to establish that the majority of this article is based on stereotypes because the attraction between these two races is largely based on stereotypes. That said, we do encourage all of our readers to look beyond these stereotypes (despite if they’re true or not) and instead look at their partner as an individual with specific personality traits!

Alright, moving on from that short disclaimer. So, why do Asian girls love white guys? Well, they’re certainly not alone. In fact, it’s been proven that the majority of women are the most attracted to white men, and Asian women aren’t the exception. However, the answer to why Asian girls like white guys lies in a couple of different reasons. First is their physical being. White men are often taller and bigger than their male Asian counterparts, and height is seen as an attractive feature. They also tend to be more endowed, which is another plus. White men are also usually thought of as financially successful, which is another thing that makes them extremely attractive to Asian women. You won’t often find an Asian girl asking herself, “why do I like Asian guys so much?”; usually, it’s white men they’re after.

Of course, this is great news if you’re one of the white guys who’s looking to start dating an Asian partner. When you’re looking for an Asian partner, here are a few tips and a bit of advice to help you find the perfect date.

  • Set different physical standards. If you’re used to dating only white women, then you may expect your partner to have big breasts or a full butt. This is rarely the case with Asian women, who tend to be smaller all around. As such, adjust your physical standards accordingly. This doesn’t mean you won’t find a “full” woman who’s Asian; it’s just less likely.

  • Learn more about their culture. If you just refer to her as “Asian,” then you’re not educated. Learning about her specific culture (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.) will help you connect with her more & also give you some insight into the influences behind her life choices.

  • Avoid racial jokes. Even if she’s OK with them (and she’s probably not), her family certainly won’t be. If she’s your girlfriend, then that means you respect her, and making fun of someone’s ethnicity is not respectful.

Why Do White Guys Love Asian Women?

You may be wondering why do white men like Asian women so much. There are actually a variety of reasons for this, and they extend far beyond simply wanting an “exotic” partner. Let’s go over a few of the most common reasons you’ll see Asian girls with white men.

  • They met overseas. This is one of the best reasons because there’s always a bunch of wonderful stories behind it. Meeting a person while out on your travels is romantic!

  • They are seen as subservient. Unfortunately, this stereotype is one of the reasons why white men prefer Asian women. Of course, this isn’t always true, but in general, it’s a good assumption. However, this largely depends on where the woman was raised. Women raised in an Asian country are much more likely to be “subservient” than a woman raised in the United States.

  • They’re hot. The sexual attraction is often the biggest reason a guy will find an Asian partner. Asian women are considered to be some of the most beautiful women in the world, which makes them an attractive option to any sexually active man.

Of course, there are many reasons that don’t rely purely on stereotypes. Personality shared favorite activities, and similar lifestyle choices are common reasons why white men end up with Asian women. Asian women are often extremely smart, so men who value intelligence may also find these ladies particularly attractive.

How Asian Women Date White Men

Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, it’s easier than ever to meet new single people online, sometimes even for free. Rather than hoping to meet the perfect guy on some random blog, Asian women can instead make a dating profile on a dating site and enjoy receiving messages from white men right away! As a result of online dating, it’s become much more commonplace to see Asian girls with white guys.

Of course, this works both ways. For white men, it’s extremely easy to find the perfect Asian partner if you know the right place to look. If the man in question is only interested in finding an Asian partner, then he may choose to use a niche Asian dating site; if not, a general dating site will probably do. Either way, he’ll easily be able to meet attractive Asian women online without ever leaving his home. Once he’s made a good connection with a girl, then they can plan a time to meet up for the first date.

You might be asking: why doesn’t he just look locally? Unfortunately, Asians are still a minority in America, which means finding an attractive Asian girl just by walking down the street may be next to impossible (depending on your location). This makes online dating a much smarter choice since you can quickly meet singles that you would have never run into in your normal day-to-day routine.

Dating a Chinese American Guy

So, we established that Asian girls really do love white guys. But if you’re interested in dating a white guy but your parents wouldn’t approve, then dating a Chinese American guy could be the next best thing! Since this great guy was raised in the States, the most likely lives the lifestyle of a white guy while maintaining his Asian heritage throughout his life. Happy couples can easily form in this setup since you get the best of both worlds! Of course, you should actually have a genuine interest in this man if you want to be one of the healthy couples. Dating someone who you have nothing to talk with about is unlikely to lead to a successful, long-term relationship.

How to Find Asian Women Seeking White Men

If you’re a white guy looking for Asian girls who only date white guys, then the internet is your new best friend (this also works for Asian women looking for white men)! There are many online dating sites designed to connect single Asian women with their perfect white partner. These sites vary in their purposes: some are to help you find love & a serious relationship, whereas others are more for casual dating. However, assuming that you’re looking for something long-term with the potential for marriage (and a new wife or husband!), we recommend choosing a well-known service to help find your connections. Although often this means spending a bit on a dating site membership, it’s well worth it since you’ll find strong connections with like-minded singles much easier than on free sites.

Since you already know do Asian girls like white guys (and why they tend to like white men), you should play to your advantages in your dating profile. Although you may not be the richest guy in the world, you should make it apparent how successful you are. This is fairly simple; just posting a picture of you at work should be enough. Also, make sure to complete your online information (such as your height), which will give you a better chance at quickly finding a match.

Online dating might take a while, but don’t lose hope. Talking to multiple women at once can also be stressful, so feel free to take a break if you start to feel overwhelmed. This is especially true if you’re using multiple dating platforms since more profiles mean more online conversation management (and it can become very hard to keep track of all the conversations at once!). Sometimes, matches seem to come in waves, so taking a break when needed might be a necessity. However, with a bit of patience, luck, and endurance, you’re sure to find your perfect Asian partner online in no time!