How to Ask a Girl on a Date

It’s certainly an age-old problem. A guy finds a girl who obviously he’s interested in, but he definitely doesn’t know how to approach her, let alone actually ask her out. Sound like you? You’re not alone—unfortunately, loads of men are faced with this simple problem every day! Fortunately, the purpose of this simple article is to easily provide accurate advice & helpful dating tips so men like you can quickly get over their fear of rejection, actually ask out the girl they’re interested in on a date, and hopefully find romantic success!

Even if one’s previously dated a bunch of women before, how they asked the girl out isn’t always the same, as there’s no universal recipe. Sometimes, a guy will get lucky & the girl will ask him out first. However, this is rarely the case. Of course, it’s also always possible to end up dating a friend, & this is probably the second easiest way to find a relationship. However, when you’re trying to get with a girl that you actually don’t know at all (you simply find her attractive), it might seem like there’s definitely a lot on the line. The good news? There actually isn’t!

It’s Time to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

A critical part of romantic success for guys is actually knowing how to casually ask a girl out. The key point here is approaching the matter casually! It’s always important that men avoid coming on too strong from the get-go. This approach actually might work well for some women, but others will definitely find it off-putting. Instead, a guy should always observe the girl in question from afar for a bit to try & learn a bit more about her. Is she actually quiet or obviously outspoken? An outdoor or an indoor girl? Gathering this information is certainly helpful because it gives you valuable info you’ll need to propose the ideal date.

Even if a girl’s interested in a guy, if the date he offers doesn’t quickly interest her, she’ll most likely decline unless she’s extremely into him. That’s why it’s important to gather information beforehand! Once the information’s been gathered, then it’s definitely time to plan an approach. There are actually two options: direct and in-direct. The direct approach always gets right to the point: “do you want to go out?” The indirect approach may take place in the form of proposing an outing that’s not necessarily asking her out on a date but simply inviting them out to do something you’re already doing.

Where to Meet Women

There are always many different places to meet women, just like there isn’t a single best way to ask a girl out on a date. IRL (In Real Life) is definitely the most common place, but this always presents a limited amount of options. A guy likely only sees so many attractive females in his day-to-day life, so he might actually have to change around his schedule & consider joining clubs or groups if he wants to meet new women. On the other hand, searching online doesn’t require any schedule changes (and it’s free!).

Online dating services usually allow their members to create a profile & write blog posts. This makes finding a perfect match extremely easy since one can quickly read over another person’s information to learn a bit about them & find out if they might be a good partner. Unfortunately, not all dating platforms are created equally, so we definitely recommend doing some research before joining a platform if you decide to go with this approach.

How to Ask Her Out on a Date Online

Since many single people join dating sites, the average guy will usually have a great chance at easily finding a match online. Although there are certainly many horror stories of online dating gone wrong, this is fortunately extremely unlikely to happen to the average man. If it does happen, there’s probably a good reason, such as avoiding obvious red flags!

The first step to finding a date online will always be finding someone to chat with. Remember, people are often more outspoken online than they actually are in person, so if they can’t carry a conversation in the DMs, then they certainly won’t be able to when you’re face-to-face! Once the potential perfect match has actually been found, then it’s definitely time to get to know each other. If both parties enjoy the same types of activities & can carry a simple conversation, then it’s certainly time to ask her out! Are you compatible? Then it’s easy; simply ask her out on a date to meet up!

How to Ask a Girl Out for the First Time IRL

First things first: we definitely don’t recommend asking the person you really like out if you’ve never asked anyone else out before. Instead, you should actually ask out a few different girls & get some practice before asking out your perfect preferred person. However, if that’s unfortunately not a possibility, then here’s what to do to easily give yourself the best chance at success in life: happy dating!

  • Be friendly. Obviously, the chances of them saying “yes” will definitely be higher if you’re friendly rather than rude. Don’t go overboard, though; just be genuinely nice when you talk!

  • Avoid sexual jokes. Especially if this is the first time you’ve ever talked, you want to avoid this at all costs. Sexual jokes are fine for your guy friends or when you’ve been dating for a while, but they’re certainly unlikely to go over well as a first impression.

  • Always ask them what they’d like to do. Showing an interest in their favorite activities helps you appear as a caring person, which is usually what girls are looking for in a great partner.

  • Take the answer in stride. Whether they actually say yes or no, wrapping things up quickly is what to do after you ask a girl out. If they say yes, choose a time & a place, say you’ll talk soon, and leave. If they say no, the same thing.

If She Said “Yes”

Congratulations! We’re definitely happy this guide on “how to ask a girl to start dating” has worked out for you. Now that you’ll actually be going out, it’s certainly important to plan your life moving forward. Constant communication & always talking to each other is an important part of life for healthy couples. This is especially true if you have long-term plans like marriage (and making her your perfect wife!). Of course, not everything that seems great at the beginning will always work out in the end, & sometimes, it’s just not meant to be. If that turns out to be the case, we usually recommend taking a short break before getting back out there.

If She Said “No”

No worries—there are always many more fish in the sea! Even if you know exactly what to say to ask a girl out, that doesn’t mean she’ll always say yes. Don’t worry about it, though; you’re probably not going to lose out on much! Someday you’ll be some pretty girl’s husband, so if that means making it through a few rejections, then it’s certainly well worth it. Although the rejection may be sending waves of hurt through your heart right now, take solace in the fact that this will quickly be forgotten when you actually meet the right girl.

Taking a Girl on a Date

It’s often said that chivalry is already dead. That may be the case, but if a guy wants his relationship to the last long-term, then he best bring it back to life! On the first date, men should always focus on learning more about their date’s personality, family, & lifestyle. This helps them actually determine if this girl would be a like-minded partner or if it would be easier to cut things off right there. Generally speaking, the first time you ask her out on a date, a guy should focus on learning about his potential girlfriend, whereas the second date is about telling them about yourself & forming deeper connections.

So, When Should You Ask a Girl Out?

There’s certainly no perfect time to start dating or jump into a serious relationship, but there are some bad times to try & find love. For example, if she’s actually just broken up with her male partner, then it’s definitely not a great time to ask her out. However, assuming her life is going fairly well, then anytime should be a good time to ask her out. We strongly recommend asking a girl out when she’s by herself, as she may be embarrassed & unlikely to say yes if you ask her out in front of a group of people (such as her friends).