How to Be Okay With Polyamory

Polyamory is considered the elephant in the room when it comes to relationships. There’s no denying that everything has become open and more transparent in the modern world, yet having more than one partner is a bit of a taboo subject. Despite this, some people have a passion and desire to connect with more than one partner.

If you’re wondering what polyamory is, it’s having a consensual relationship with several people. Sounds exciting, right? It can be once everything is put in place and everything is clear. Too many people dive into a polyamory relationship without any expectations or understanding about how to be poly, we’re here to help you with some helpful advice.

How to Start a Polyamorous Relationship

A polyamorous relationship is completely different from traditional relationships. There’s no denying that it requires an intricate level of understanding from all people involved. If you’re someone in a relationship who has a desire to meet new people and become intimate with them, then it’s important to consider the approach you take when opening up and chatting with your current partner. Whether you have already met someone else or have someone lined up, polyamory for beginners is where everything begins.

Have a Conversation

The most important thing to remember is openness and honesty. Remember that opening up could force your current relationship down a completely different road while you could also end up single, so be prepared to take a risk. The conversation should be focused around understanding your needs but also having respect. This is down to understanding that your partner will also need to learn how to deal with a polyamorous partner. Therefore, the conversation should begin with exploring the importance of respecting their wishes and needs. If they come across as being susceptible, then you’re now in a position to begin looking at what you’re both happy to explore.

Explore Boundaries

Polyamory relationships can prove extremely treacherous for all parties. Whether you’re the initiator, the partner, or the new partner, whatever it might be, it’s important to begin by understanding what works and what doesn’t. Will you spend all of your time together, or will you allow each other to spend time alone with one another? Furthermore, are you setting times aside each week to meet up? Also, how intimate and detailed will the relationship become? Nobody is looking for or expecting love here, so it’s good to remember that this is nothing more than fun. Furthermore, it can help to ask others for advice or their feelings too. Understanding their expectations from the arrangement can make a significant difference to its success.

Here is some polyamory for beginners – each relationship is unique. So, don’t instantly expect everything to become a bed of roses. There’s no denying they take work,3 and everyone will need to become familiar and normal. Once everything falls into place, you’ll soon find that things begin to move forward at a rapid rate!

How Do Poly Relationships Work?

The reality of embarking on a polyamory relationship requires everyone involved to have the right mindset. On the surface, it might seem straightforward, but there’s more at stake here. Everyone involved should be clear of expectations and understand what’s involved.

Understanding Your Needs

One of the best pieces of triad relationship advice involves ensuring your needs are still fulfilled. The reality is that everyone involved should understand what they’re getting. The partners of your partner mean nothing within the overall process. The reality is that you’ll need to manage expectations and needs. There cannot be any feelings of jealousy or being pushed out because everything should prove equal, fair, and honest. This isn’t cheating; it’s an open arrangement whereby everyone involved should experience some form of satisfaction.

It’s About Overcoming Insecurity

Understanding how to be in a polyamory relationship is about overcoming the problem of insecurity. Any element of insecurity will cause problems throughout the arrangement, forcing it to probably come to an end. Everyone involved will need to be at peace with what’s happening and not allow any feelings to shroud the experience for everyone. People get jealous in traditional relationships, but this isn’t a traditional relationship. Therefore, all parties will be expected to push insecurities to one side. Allowing them to bubble to the surface will cause the future of the relationship to be in doubt.

Polyamory is Not a Competition

In traditional relationships, people often find themselves competing to gain the attention of their partner, especially when other people are around. This is kind of natural when dating someone. However, a successful polyamory relationship is not a competition where everyone is competing for the attention of the main partner. Remember that polyamory dating is open and honest because your partner is into meeting other people. They’re committed to you but are looking for something more. They’ll love you but be keen to explore new adventures with new people. Poly relationships are based around trust, and trust is huge when it comes to polyamory relationships.

It Requires Everyone to Work Together

Sure, familiarizing yourself with the arrangement might take time, but everyone involved has a different role. There’s the main partner, there’s the first partner, and then additional people are brought into the mix. Therefore, if you’ve agreed to allow this to happen, then it means working together. Of course, having boundaries, agreements, and arrangements in place makes a world of difference.

Polyamory Help - All You Need to Know

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to polyamory dating. Polyamorous relationships are unique because of the way in which they openly bring people together to enjoy each other. It’s a modern arrangement that’s become increasingly popular, but understanding how they work can help to strengthen the arrangement.

Always Ask For Advice

The important thing to remember is that nobody teaches you to become polyamory. There’s a whole range of emotions and feelings going through the minds of everyone involved, so it can help to explore help where needed. There’s no problem with admitting that you need guidance and support. Whether you’re new and need help or experienced and willing to share, understand that everyone is different. Nobody walks into a polyamory relationship filled with experience and understanding, so always ask for advice on how to be poly.

Speak About Needs

We’ve mentioned understanding your needs but speaking about your needs is vital. If nobody understands your needs, then don’t allow the problem to fester or become worse. This can lead to massive arguments, which could leave the arrangement dead on its knees. Always be open to talking through things, and you’ll discover that everything becomes a lot easier.

Take a Slow Approach

Whether you’re beginning a new poly relationship or dealing with issues, the key to success is ensuring you can argue and debate without making things personal. The key is to remain cool and calm while remembering the reason you’re all together. Sure, the arrangement can be ended at any time, but jumping into an argument with no prior understanding of the information will only lead to further problems. Whether you’re dealing with an FFM triad relationship or another arrangement, keeping an open mind proves vital.

Always Meet Everyone Involved

Every successful polyamory relationship is built on a solid foundation. This means that everyone clearly understands who is involved and what the arrangements are. The aim is to understand their expectations, what they’re looking for, and to clearly explain what you expect. When everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, the overall experience becomes a lot more fulfilling for all.

Successful Polyamory Relationships - What’s Key?

Being in a poly relationship requires everyone to manage their expectations. Every single relationship is different from the last, so having a clear idea or understanding of what everyone expects can prove pivotal. Once everything becomes clear, and everyone has clearly set out their desires, things can become exciting and interesting.

However, emotions can prove challenging for many. Therefore, after agreeing to indulge in a polyamorous relationship, it’s important to manage those feelings as best possible. If things prove challenging, then openly discuss it with everyone involved. Negativity is not going to lead to success, while keeping score and competing will only end in tears.

Boundaries are something that is definitely worth exploring and putting in place. Whether it’s a safe word or rules around what is acceptable, it clearly sets out what the relationship entails while informing everyone what is expected of them from a collective angle.


The openness of the modern world has enabled more people to explore their unique needs without being judged. Polyamory relationships might have once been frowned upon, but things have changed. However, if you’re looking to make your relationship successful, then it can help to make sure that the right arrangements, rules, and boundaries are in place. The main triad relationship advice is that they, like any other relationship, are about to have a mutual understanding because once everyone is on board, things can go from strength to strength.