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If you have set yourself a similar goal, then it will not be difficult to achieve it - you just need to register on a dating site. As a rule, married men and women are trying to find a non-binding relationship on most of these resources. Most often, women who do not strive for marriage themselves are deliberately looking for connections with unfree men. Also, such relationships do not exclude girls who need financial support, knowing that married and wealthy lovers are often particularly generous.

Many women are often looking for acquaintances with other men, even if they themselves are married. Like unmarried people, they can meet a potential lover at work, at a dating site, at a resort, restaurant, and many public places. Most often, dissatisfaction with their marriage is thrown at such acquaintances of women. Nevertheless, not wanting, for some reason, to destroy the family, they are more willing to make a connection with a married man.

What are the advantages of such a love affair:

  • A married man will not publicize your relationship. A free lover, sooner or later, may want to be the only one for his chosen ones, and tell her husband about the betrayal, while a married man initially knows what he is doing, so he acts very carefully.

  • Usually, you don't expect unpleasant surprises from such men. They do not disappear suddenly, do not bother with calls and messages, well understanding the specifics of meetings with a non-free person.

  • You can be calm about your health. Married men, unlike free men, most often do not make casual relationships. If they already have a mistress besides a wife, then they are limited to these two women. Accordingly, the risk of getting some kind of sexually transmitted disease is minimized.

Where you can find married men seeking married women

Married men are not clubbers. So, it is unlikely to meet them in these establishments. Also, married men, if they are registered on dating sites, rarely go there.

You can get acquainted at work if there are any among your colleagues. Family people love to have a beer at the sports bar or the bowling alley with friends. As a rule, their wives do not accompany them there.

A wonderful place to meet a married man cafe/restaurant/buffet where he dines. You can also meet him at a gas station. In general, any place where a young man can be found without his other half is suitable.

But at an exhibition / in a cinema / in a museum, it is unlikely to get acquainted with a family man. Married people do not go to such places alone; as a rule, they are accompanied by their spouses.

Meet singles looking for married women for dating

Married men differ little in the perception of women from unmarried ones, so if he is interested in a relationship on the side, then seducing him will not be difficult. However, in this case, one appearance is not limited. The man should understand that you do not see him as your potential husband. Free women should be told that they do not plan to tie the knot anytime soon. In turn, married people should be reminded that divorce is unacceptable for them although there are problems in their family.


If you are opposed to official marriages and, in general, do not want to get involved in a serious relationship at present, then this option may well suit you.

You have problems in your marriage that you cannot solve; however, you are not ready to dissolve them. In this case, a new romance can distract you from family troubles.

You are experiencing serious financial difficulties. Your married boyfriend promises to help you solve financial problems, or you understand that this connection will save you at least some difficulties of this kind.

You can't start an affair with a free man; it seems to you that you are not interested in the opposite sex, and a married admirer is trying in every possible way to achieve your location. A short relationship in this situation will help you build self-esteem.

You know that your husband is dishonest with you, and you want to take revenge on him. In this case, some women decide to cheat and opt for a married man, realizing in advance that they do not count on a long-term relationship with him.


You may get used to your lover and wish to create a family with him. The chosen one, in turn, will not be ready to ruin his marriage, which will inevitably lead you to stress.

If you are free and your lover is married, over time, you will begin to feel more and more that you are wasting time with him. As long as a man lives a full life, you are forced to be content with sketchy meetings.

There is a chance that the lover's spouse will be aware of your connection. This can turn into a big scandal for you, which your friends, colleagues, or relatives may find out about. Remember that some deceived wives are quite creative in their revenge.

Having got used to a married man, you will gradually begin to torment yourself with jealousy of his wife. Instead of an easy romance, you provide yourself with a depressed mood and irritability.

Your self-esteem may drop. At first, meetings with a married man sometimes bring a certain "spice" to life, but gradually it becomes boring. You will want to be the only one and beloved for your chosen one. In addition, the attitude towards mistresses in society is rather ambiguous, and you will less and less want to be in such a status.

How to build such a relationship

Don't make scenes. As a rule, people go to such a relationship to solve some of their problems and not add new ones to themselves. Surely, a married man who is not completely satisfied with his relationship with his wife will not meet for a long time with a woman with whom everything is not going smoothly either.

Be careful. Over time, many lovers begin to lose their vigilance, which turns into exposure for them. If you do not want your novel to be declassified, avoid writing SMS and messages on the social network - the wrong person may read them. The same applies to dating - do not meet in places where acquaintances or friends can see.

Why do single men like married women?

In this case, lovers are less likely to decide on a divorce. The man and his mistress already have their families, so none of them is chasing a stamp in their passport. In addition, if people decide to start a relationship on the side rather than divorce, then there is a very small chance that it will come to divorce in the end. Often, if families break up, this happens when the spouses of lovers find out about the betrayal, and they become the initiators of the divorce.

In general, such a bond can last longer than when the girl is free. Firstly, a married girl already has the status of a wife and is not chasing him. Secondly, a married woman, as her lover, is more careful than a free woman.

Married men who go into relationships with married women see many advantages for themselves in this. Usually, such a romance guarantees them pleasant meetings and eliminates unnecessary requests. Free girls periodically need male help - with car repairs, household appliances, and the like. Married girls are more likely to make these requests to their spouses. In addition, such a girl does not need to give gifts often. She does not want to arouse suspicion in her husband. In turn, the free one needs more attention.

How to begin married women single men relationships

A love triangle will not work without the consent of a man. The demand is primarily from him because he swore an oath to love and protect his wife until the end of his life. In the beginning, the mistress may not know about the marriage; men confess when feelings flared up.

Women who associate with married men are divided into four types:

Unaware of the marriage of a lover. An open relationship is established, which first turns into a habit, then into strong feelings. A man has to confess about the bonds of marriage, which leads to the separation of lovers or the disintegration of the family.

Initially seeking easy relationships with married men to avoid commitment. A strong-willed character, balanced actions characterize such young ladies. The relationship does not lead to serious consequences; after a while, the lovers part.

Women who tempt wealthy men for material well-being. The most unpleasant case. But such situations happen often. It is hard for men to resist beautiful young ladies who aim to seduce and remove the family's “material object.”

Women who really fall in love. No one is immune from sudden love. People can live for years in marriage without realizing their lack of feelings. When two unfree people meet and fall in love, their further union can be justified.

All cases have a common psychological reason: women do not love themselves. A mistress cannot go out with a married man in people; she is next to him on important days of his life. She has to share it with another woman. Such conditions will not be accepted by a woman who respects and values herself.

If an open relationship suits or partners experience mutual love, no one can judge them. No matter how hard it is for wives, such situations do not just happen. It is important to understand what actions, thoughts, and deeds led to such a situation.

Why do single women date married men?

Many married men choose to date girls who are not married or otherwise romantically involved. Being an owner by nature, such a man wants to be the only one for his mistress, despite living with the other.

As a rule, such a romance runs the risk of becoming a greater problem for the cheater than relationships with married girls. A free woman gradually realizes that she, too, would like her beloved to belong to her alone. The status of a mistress is becoming less and less attractive, and nothing else is foreseen. Often the romance has to be kept secret, so when girlfriends go out with their boyfriends or celebrate the holidays in couples, a girl meeting a married man is forced to feel slighted. They stop arranging secret meetings, and she begins to hint at divorce or even demand it.

The outcome can be different. As a rule, if the relationship lasted for many years, that man may never decide to divorce. If the romance began quite recently, parting with his wife does not threaten major losses, and the man is sincerely in love with a girl who is in many ways superior to his wife, then he can go to divorce.