Starting Out With Your First Date

Let's say that you've gathered the courage to ask that special person out, and they said "yes". Now, the truly critical step lies ahead — arranging your first date. In our article, you will find 12 extraordinary first-date tips for you to get ready for anything.

We realize dating can make anyone extremely nervous. Because of this, you have to prepare for your outings to ensure you make special memories and have fun with your partner. However, you don't want to push yourself too hard not to be disappointed if something doesn't work out. To ease your nerves, we've researched numerous things that make for an incredible date.

Most notably, the location you pick sets the mood for your first date. Unless you know for sure what places your partner enjoys, it's a good idea to go somewhere not too crowded and loud. There, you can easily get to know each other and learn if there's chemistry between you.

Rather than hitting the movies, we recommend visiting a neighborhood bar or a hip new restaurant. The relaxed setting will allow you to have a meaningful discussion, all without such pressing factors as meeting high standards or paying for a costly meal.

Preparing for the First Date

Whether you're an outgoing person or have social anxiety, the most challenging part of the first date is attempting to talk to somebody you barely know. Fortunately, there are many ways to get around this issue.

It has been shown that if you're going out with a lady, you should ditch any lewd conversation starters and go for more moderate ice breakers. In most cases, ladies will disregard such talks and any excessive flirting attempts. However, they are more drawn to sophisticated and mature males who know what they're saying.

When you're trying to impress someone, the key to an engaging conversation is relevance and relatability. If somebody wants to share something important with you, consider providing a comparable story. Should your date ask for a piece of advice, be ready to assist them as much as you can.

Perhaps, the main part before you leave the house and start date is getting yourself ready mentally. While you control whether or not someone becomes attracted to you, having a positive outlook will give you better chances of landing a date successfully.

If you begin seeing someone while feeling insecure, your date will likely notice that. What's more, regardless of how much somebody is attracted to you and ready to open up, having low self-esteem can hurt your chances of mingling with your perfect match. For this reason, working on yourself is critical before going on a date.

As we said before, hooking up with strangers may be more difficult than one might expect. Nonetheless, if you're serious about finding a romance and do not plan on giving up, you'll surely find what you're looking for.

Things to Do Before a Date

We understand that nerves can be on edge before a date. Dating takes some skill, and it may seem significantly more frightening when there's somebody you fancy and want to meet. Consider getting things done to unwind and feel prepared before a date to get rid of the stress factor. Also, doing so will help you gain confidence and feel ready to start mingling with other singles.

Wearing clothes you're comfortable with is essential at all times. Sporting tight or awkward jeans or shirts can make your outing harder than it should be. In case you're a sweater person, wearing something looser or lighter is a good idea. On the other hand, should you be wearing something you don't feel sure about, it's better to go with safer options than feel self-conscious during the date.

Don't worry about who's paying for the meal or drinks. Start the date with the mentality that you're not expecting your date to get the check toward the night's end. Should you have any doubts, discuss such matters with your partner in advance so there won't be any misunderstandings. If you are open to paying for your date, try not to come off as a stingy person since this is usually a big turn-off.

Next, consider entering the date with a good posture. Keeping a decent, loose, yet sure swagger will attract your partner's attention and make them fall for you in no time. Furthermore, keeping a confident posture can cause you to look better and hide any insecurities should you have any.

Hitting the gym several months before your first date can be a big game-changer. Burning some calories and gaining muscles will make you look manlier and feel sure about your appearance. Not to mention, being fit will keep your body in good shape and make you happier overall.

There is no point going on a date with anybody if you are too nervous to even think about unwinding and enjoying the time spent together. Rather than stressing over your appearance before your date, dedicate some of your free time to collect your thoughts and decide what works best for you. Whether it is reflecting, talking to a friend, or taking a short walk in your neighborhood, do whatever it takes to feel better.

An important thing to prepare before a date is your conversation. Consider what you might want to discuss and find out about your date instead of just stressing over your appearance. Going out on a date is all about getting to know somebody and seeing if or not you click with each other.

It goes without saying that such activities as taking a long shower before your date and spending some time to take care of yourself are also important. Feeling fresh and clean before your first outing will set you in the mood and cheer you up.

When preparing for a date, before you go on your night out, select various outfits and pick the one you love the most. This way, you will realize what your partner may possibly like, and you won't have to worry about it several hours before your meeting. Picking something that you love will make you look stylish and attractive. Naturally, should you go for the right set of clothes, your chances of further meet-ups will increase drastically.

If you are into perfumes, splash your number one aroma before you encounter your partner offline. Whether you are more into something new or old-fashioned, a nice scent will guarantee you are feeling incredible when wining and dining or partying out. Since manly ladies have a good sense of smell, a signature fragrance will guarantee that you'll be remembered.

If you've followed all the tips mentioned above and still feel anxious before your date, your friends or relatives will come in handy. In case you are uncertain about anything, call people close to you and ask them to give you a helping hand. Such a quick call or visit will show their support and guarantee you are content with yourself before going out.

Making Use of the First Date Checklist

In order to have a successful date, you have to look into every little detail beforehand. What's a better option for getting ready for a night out than a properly prepared checklist? Just like with everything else in life, being well-prepared comes with many benefits. Here are several things to consider before setting up the first outing:

  • Make sure your current partner suits your wants and needs

  • Think about what you're expecting from the romance

  • Engage in a conversation regarding the specifics of the planned meet-up

  • Select an outfit you're comfortable with, and if you can't find one, treat yourself with new clothes

  • Hit the gym or break a sweat by running around the block

  • If you're not into rigorous physical exercises, having a small walk or dancing a little should lift your spirits

  • Take a long shower to wash your body and think about the upcoming event

  • Pick a scent you love to attract your playmate

  • Listen to some music to calm yourself down

  • Prepare the topics you'd like to discuss

  • Pick a place that isn't intimidating or secluded in order not to spook your partner

  • Call one of your closest friends or relatives to receive some guidance and words of encouragement and approval


Undoubtedly, preparing for a date requires a lot of energy and may take a toll on one's stress levels. However, knowing that you're prepared and know what to do on your first date will calm you down. Feel free to follow the steps mentioned in our guide to ensure a successful date. Remember, it's all about having fun and enjoying each other's company!