Polyamorous Relationships: Advice on Being Non-Monogamous

Non-monogamy is a term used to describe more than two individuals in one relationship. It is something that has become increasingly popular over the years, with many people ditching monogamy for a polyamorous relationship. Finding somebody to settle down with is much easier said than done. With many people struggling to find ‘The One,’ people are often turning to polyamorous relationships to see if this arrangement could work for them. It is often sexually enticing; however, some are really looking to settle down with a third person or more, having them live in the home as a complete partnership, some even marry and have children together. A polyamorous relationship can work well as long as everyone involved is on the same page, and communication is regularly kept between all. The best way to find an individual interested in poly is through online dating, and here you can find other singles interested in the poly lifestyle. One of the best dating sites for this is QuickFlirt.com; all you need to do is complete a basic or advanced search, receive your match results, and start messaging those that are of interest to you.

Polyamorous Relationship Types

The basic relationships include, open and polyamorous however the other terms also used are Triads (where three people are in the relationship), polyfidelity (a group of people have multiple or sexual partners), BDS non-monogamy (where people have the sexual desire to involve multiple partners when exploring fetishes) and relationship anarchy (rejects all hierarchies in the relationship). Each is completely different; some poly relationships are more serious, whereas others tend to just have an extra sexual partner outside of the relationship, then returning to the same setup with their original partner. All individuals must be aware of and accepting of the arrangement. With so many different types of polyamorous relationships, not to mention some of them being open or closed, it is important to distinguish between the new individual entering the relationship, what you all expect from the arrangement. QuickFlirt.com is a polyamorous accepting dating platform, just make sure you have filled out the search filters in full and read the profile descriptions of those you are interested in, instead of messaging random people and trying your luck. A dating website is the best place to search for people interested in polygamy, as many on this service are interested in serious dating.

Being the Third in a Polyamorous Relationship

When entering a polyamorous relationship as the third person, it can often seem overwhelming. This is because the initial partnership involved two people who have already made a commitment and share a bond, walking into this relationship, and building a bond between the pair can seem rather unnerving. In reality, as long as your needs are being met, you have nothing to worry about. Communication is key, so as long as everybody is mutually aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings, you can progress to having a happy and healthy poly relationship. A third person is often sought after once a couple has agreed to find somebody else to join the relationship. Websites like QuickFlirt.com can make the process much quicker as polygamy isn’t as popular as traditional dating, a service like Quick Flirt can help you find thousands of singles, many of whom are in your local area all interested in entering a poly relationship. There should never be a ‘second best,’ when it comes to polygamy you should all love each other on the same level, but this can seem a little hard at first, especially when entering a relationship where two people already share that connection. As long as the attention is being shared, you are all happy, and communication is being kept regularly, you should feel completely comfortable in your new polyamorous relationship.

What Are the Polyamorous Dating Rules?

There are generally a small number of rules when it comes to practicing polygamy. This is because each poly partnership is different; some are solely based on sexual connections, whereas others have a closed polyamorous relationship, all living under the same roof. The most important rule that should be followed is that each individual involved in the relationship must be knowledgeable of anything going on, if not then is it essential classed as cheating and nothing less. A new partner that is being selected must be approved by everyone in the relationship before they become involved. Another rule that is also highly important, but generally aimed towards the more sexual poly relationships, is no bare backing (fluid bonding) with other people without your partner’s consent. This is because the risk of catching an STI or potentially becoming pregnant is much higher, problems you could both do without, so be sure to let your partner(s) know exactly what is going on.

Conclusion: Tips for Polyamorous Dating

Once you have discussed with your partner about bringing a third person into the relationship, you can then proceed with the search for finding someone new. The best way to do this is by joining an online dating service; one of the more well-known polyamorous friendly dating websites is QuickFlirt.com. Simply sign up, complete a search, and start messaging those that represent what you are searching for from your match list. With the website’s webcamming features, you can all sit down together on a video chat and discuss your expectations for your potential poly relationship. This way, you can save time getting to know people face to face, and if the person doesn’t agree, you can simply move onto the next one. Make sure you are both certain on your views for a poly relationship, if either one of you has any doubt, maybe try a hook up first instead, so you can get used to any feelings you haven’t experienced. Seeing your partner with somebody else can be a little hard to get used to at first, but remember, you all should love one another the same. Treat each other how you expect to be treated, keep the communication flow, and if anything makes you feel uncomfortable, speak your mind.