Are You a Pregnant Woman Looking for Sex?

A woman’s body is packed full of hormones and more so when one of her eggs becomes fertilized and she conceives a baby. A pregnant woman will naturally desire to have sex more often along with other souring appetites like certain food cravings she never experienced before. A pregnant woman in a serious relationship can pursue all the erotica in the world with her partner.

Pregnant Woman Looking for Sex

The first basic thing to fully enjoy your ride down this path is to actually embrace the multitude of changes happening to your body. If you find yourself feeling hornier than your usual self, that’s not something to be ashamed of, it simply means that your hormones are in full force and you’re normal after all. You, therefore, need to look for a proper avenue to direct this energy and let off the steam.

If you have a partner with you, it’s time to give that disclaimer that it won’t be business, as usual, going forward. Research on safe sexual practices during pregnancy and indulge your appetites to the brim. There are also many reputable online platforms where single pregnant women can meet suitable guys to work on them properly.

Why Am I so Horny while Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a wild interesting phase filled with soaring cravings. One of the things you will find yourself yearning for more than anything else is getting laid. A partner who normally used to taste your honeypot like twice per week will be surprised when you now want to ride that pony like thrice per day. This doesn’t mean that you have become slutty overnight; it means that you and your baby are healthy.

Usually when a new life is growing inside you, there are lots of hormones at play and too much of the female hormone being produced on your end is what causes this insane sexual appetite. So do not be shy of getting one in the sack when kitty won’t let you sleep.

Pregnancy and Dating

It’s very important to know the impact that pregnancy can have on your dating life and how to balance the two so that one doesn’t suffer. If for instance you have been in a serious relationship with your partner and you conceive at some point, you should sit down and discuss as a couple how to handle things going forward. You can even see a professional concerning this.

One common thing is that most men may feel sidelined during pregnancy and tend to feel like the baby is competing for the attention. As a lady you need to assure your partner that their position will never change. Also women are concerned whether their men may find them less attractive going forward. Show that lady that she grows beautiful daily and make lots of love to her.

What Do Men Think of Pregnant Women?

Whenever a man comes across a pregnant woman in the street, you’ve got to first appreciate the fact that she’s been busy regardless of what her serious face or shy looks are letting on. Pregnancy is a sign of active sexuality and fruitfulness and that in itself is pretty charming. Men naturally tend to respect and adore pregnant women because they symbolize their mothers. A deep feeling of empathy hits any sane man upon seeing a heavily pregnant woman. When you consider the 9-month journey she has to undertake and the pains she has to endure during labor, at that point you feel like you could do anything in the world for her.

Why are Men Attracted to Pregnant Women

The fact that sex and pregnancy are directly related could be why most men find themselves attracted to pregnant women. The horny imaginative mind of a man can seem to retract all the steps to the day and time when the woman became pregnant and the positions possibly involved. A more logical reason would be that pregnant women basically symbolize fertility and prosperity.

A man who fancies BDSM action may also find the vulnerability and delicate nature of a pregnant woman quite sexy. Being able to flip her in all manner of positions and making her orgasm without harming the baby can make you feel like the real bull. Pregnant women also tend to become meaty and curvy and that’s a turn on.

How to Fuck Pregnant Women

When you are trusted with the huge responsibility of taking a pregnant woman to cloud nine, pack your tools and get to work because the future of an entire community depends on you. Some lazy men will go slowly on fucking their pregnant woman thinking that she is sick or something yet that’s when they yearn for that joystick the most. This is your time to earn your five seconds of fame.

Depending on the phase of her pregnancy, you need to look for ideal positions where she will be totally comfortable and the baby won’t be harmed. Avoid positions that apply pressure on the baby bump like lying on her heavily. Use witty styles where you can slide it all in without unnecessary pressure. You can also treat her to mind blowing oral sex.

If you think that pregnant women have consumed enough stick and now they don’t need any more fire in the hay, well think again. Expectant women have a summit of hormones happening in their bodies and some daily orgasm can do them justice. You just need to research on the best sexual positions that are safe for both mom and baby. If you can indeed step up your sex game when your lady is pregnant and make her feel like the hottest woman on the planet, you can be assured of a nutritious, balanced diet even after the pregnancy is over.