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If you’re a younger guy who is single, and you have professed that you are drawn towards older women, how have your friends reacted to this statement? Do you find they are sometimes incredulous, demanding to know what you could see in a mature female compared to the attractive girls your age? You can react to this in two ways.

  • You could either keep your secret admiration to yourself, just to ensure that the dating pool you are interested in remains a ‘closed shop,’ known only to an enlightened bunch of excited young suitors! Or you could choose to wax lyrical about the reasons you are drawn to younger man / older woman relationships.

  • A relationship with an older woman might not be everyone’s idea of an ideal partnership, but this is only because people have a habit of harboring preconceptions.

Once your buddies get to know the truth about what it can be like to get involved with a vibrant and sensual older female, their attitudes are liable to go through a sea change. Why is this? It’s rather simple. There is nothing quite like the experience of dating seniors.

Learn About the Young Men and Older Women Dynamic

So, what is it about this whole dynamic? Why do some men like older women? This might be a question you have addressed yourself some time ago. If you have asked, ‘why am I attracted to older women?’ the answer is fairly complex.

Reasons why guys find cougars irresistible

There is no single factor to explain why younger guys should be drawn to females from this particular age demographic. But once you become familiar with the phrase ‘cougars,’ the penny will drop!

  • The biggest question you are likely to ask is why on earth haven’t you been aware of this fabulous sector of the dating population before now!

  • So, what are we talking about when we refer to a cougar? In a nutshell, this description is all about highlighting the attributes of women who have reached a certain age in life.

What makes a cougar so sensual?

They might be considered middle-aged, but they are far from exhibiting any signs of having reached this particular milestone. What you now have to understand are the key characteristics exhibited by these fabulous cougars.

  • First of all, you can forget any comparisons with the cheeky younger girls you have been used to interacting with in the past.

  • Consider this scenario. You are in a nightclub where the music is so ferocious it’s difficult to hear yourself think, let alone engage in flirty conversations with anyone who has caught your eye. The moment you spot a single female you would like to get to know better, she is liable to be surrounded by any other suitors with a similar viewpoint. But who is this striding into the setting, instantly attracting the attention of the other males in the vicinity? A much older woman, exerting sensuality as effortlessly as breathing. Welcome to the fabulous world of cougars.

Here Are Reasons for Older Women Dating Younger Men

Once you understand how these cougars operate and can answer the question of ‘what do older women like?’ this will be like gaining the password to a fabulous kingdom of romance you possibly didn’t even know existed! If, once upon a time, you posed the enquiry, ‘do guys like old girls,’ joining a dating site like this is where all your dreams and aspirations will be fulfilled.

Cougars exude sexuality rather than simply sex appeal.

While they do have sex appeal in abundance, they are far more concerned about presenting a sophisticated image to the outside world. This isn’t focused on short skirts or heels, or displaying as much cleavage as possible.

  • Unlike younger girls who clamour for attention, older women are much calmer and more relaxed about the way they flaunt their sexuality.

  • Once you come across a cougar in a social setting, all thoughts of dating girls your age are liable to vanish in a puff of smoke! Or should that be an alluring mist of expensive designer perfume?!

  • Older women are likely to have already been through the whole relationship routine at some point in the past. They might have been married but are now divorced. If this caused any sort of hiccup in their lives, this will have been instantly forgotten as the alimony payments began to flood in every month!

  • They will have arrived at a point in their lives where they are eager to start afresh. What better way to do this than by engaging with other singles on a dating site?

These platforms represent an environment where people can interact, unhindered by anyone judging their activities, and take advantage of a secure communication platform where they can indulge in free-spirited conversation with prospective partners.

Older Women Who Like Younger Men Are Vibrant Cougars!

Older women or naturally drawn to younger men because they are so different to the guys they have probably been used to before now.

Senior women live life to the full

Your typical cougars are the types of females who still love to look after their appearances, wearing sexy outfits, and also spending time in the gym fine-tuning their fabulous physiques.

  • What type of relationship do you think she is going to prefer? Getting to know someone from her age bracket, a balding, middle-aged guy who is likely to be set in his ways, and scarcely able to keep up with her sexual appetite?

  • It is a sad fact of nature that women attain sexual maturity much later than males, whereas younger guys are faced with the unfortunate truth that their libido is something that is going to inexorably decline once they reach the big 3-0.

  • A cougar might already be familiar with an ex-husband who used to make excuses at night time about being too tired, or who only showed enthusiasm but leisure activities if this involved a round of golf with his office buddies.

  • So, your average lively cougar isn’t likely to want to hang around in outlets where she will encounter dreary older men. On the contrary. Her ideal hunting ground will be exactly the type of venue inhabited by much younger guys, like yourself!

  • Of course, when it comes to looking for guys who could keep up with them, the best outlet of all for these older women is hitting the digital environment.

This represents an arena where they can get to know a cross-section of suitable candidates for romance, a level-playing field where they can get to know potential suitors on their terms.

They will delight in flirting with younger guys and will be able to sweep them off their feet!

Can an Older Woman Date A Young Man, Or Love Younger Guys?

So how would you approach a cougar you happened to come across on this dating website? A key point to keep in mind is that these delectable females have strict standards when it comes to interacting with younger guys.

  • Never assume that just because a woman has reached a certain age she is liable to want to jump into bed with the first guy that shows her any interest. There is no correlation between maturity and desperation! She is much more likely to be extremely discerning in the type of guy she wishes to engage with. So, leave any preconceptions you might have about older women behind, and remain in the moment.

  • So, when you begin compiling your dating profile, don’t be tempted to fill the description with a lot of boastful flannel about how charming you are, or listing the super achievements you might have made while getting to this point in your life.

  • Instead, think about the type of engaging profile that you would be attracted to yourself when browsing through the personal descriptions on our dating site. Rather than coming across a boring list of attributes that reads more like a CV, wouldn’t it make more sense to highlight the pertinent points, providing anyone alighting on your page with a succinct idea of your personality?

  • Keeping that in mind, you should also make sure that the profile photo you upload portrays you as being a warm and engaging person.

Cougars are just as likely to be as fidgety as other site users. If they alight on a particular description that doesn’t arrest their attention immediately, they will swiftly take advantage of the fact that this outlet offers so many profiles in a short area. They’ll simply move on. It is so crucial to provide intriguing details.

Here’s Why Old Woman Dating Younger Guys Is A Thing

Impressing an older woman with dating choices

So, what about places to suggest you go for a date with your sophisticated older woman? Any younger guy dating an older girl will have to have a good idea of the type of outlets favoured by these gorgeous cougars!

  • Much as they might enjoy contemporary music, and will not be adverse to going out as a gang and taking over the nearest dancefloor, they will also have far more widespread tests concerning what do they like to do for leisure activities.

  • A cross-section of these might include going to the theatre. Enjoying candlelit dinners in 5-star restaurants. Visiting arthouse cinema is to enjoy compelling films. Relaxing in their local multiplex, with a tub of popcorn to hand, and enjoying the latest blockbusters. Quiet nights in enjoying Netflix, with chilling being an obvious option on the agenda! Or going for romantic picnics in the countryside.

  • The point is, don’t expect to be able to judge the vibrant female you come across on a dating site according to a series of preconceived ideas or stereotypes. Each of the wonderful cougars who have already submitted their details to our site has done so because she is an individual, and will be keen to make the most of the opportunities that come her way.

  • So, to conclude, the best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to signing up to QuickFlirt is to tailor your search form so you produce results that most match your aspirations. As you flick through this shortlist, the moment you come across a cougar who takes your breath away, you should aim to get in there quickly.

  • Begin interacting by sending intimate messages via our communication channel, and make sure that snare this vixen before someone else does!