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Japanese girls are cute and mysterious. But is their deep nature so easy for foreign guys to understand? You need to know how to avoid misunderstandings in relations with a Japanese woman and what you should not be afraid of. It seems easier for non-Japanese guys to find a Japanese mate than for non-Japanese girls, as girls in this country are more likely to date foreigners. If you stand up in Japan and look around, you can see with your own eyes that this is how things are. Even outside the country, the situation will be the same. How often can you meet a foreign + Japanese couple? And the foreigner + the Japanese? This is hardly possible, and maybe even never. This is partly due to the fact that Japanese girls are usually more open to relationships with foreigners than guys. So, if you are a guy, it will probably be much easier for you to meet your love in Japan. Though this is not surprising, guys often get to know their partners thanks to the English language, be it an English school or a club. Sometimes a girl can come up on the train to practice her English. This is how it happens when you go to Japan to teach English. Although, perhaps, English still does not play such an important role in starting a relationship. Apparently, it's just that most foreigners in Japan are engaged in education, which is why so many romantic stories are associated with it. However, many Japanese women recalled other places where they first met. For example, “bar” and “internet” were mentioned quite often. So, if you are not very confident in your English, then these options are for you.

Begin dating a Japanese girl without any hassle

Firstly, you will have to pay for everything ... except perhaps for the purikur, because the girls can pay for this themselves. If you go out to dinner together, be prepared to pay for the meal. No " separate bill." You are a man, and YOU have to pay. Of course, there are exceptions, and some girls may even ask directly to buy them something, but this will be quite unusual.

There are interesting differences in perception related to where you are from. For example, many guys didn't expect girls to give them gifts often. Japan, in principle, is a country where gifts are often given, so everything seems to be logical, but still, be ready for this.

In general, people in Japan show their feelings in public much less (and in private too) compared to representatives of Western countries. Japanese people don't hold hands, hug, and kiss very often in public. Some guys have complained that the first kiss comes much later than they expected. However, it came to the first sex sooner than they might think.

In the West, couples usually kiss and hug openly, both in private and in public. So they make it clear that they love each other. This is not accepted in Japan. Much more important will be “understanding your partner.” This skill was developed among the Japanese in part due to the rarity of physical contact. In the course of the survey, many foreign guys complained that it was difficult for them to understand the thoughts and feelings of their beloved Japanese woman. This is because, in Japan, people usually do not speak directly about their experiences. Because of this, many men periodically had problems in relations with Japanese women.

In Japan, you will be expected to understand the feelings and read other people's thoughts, while they will not show them in any way. The Japanese learn this throughout their lives, while Europeans usually say everything directly, so this "skill" is rarely observed. Some men who date Japanese women think that girls are cold with them, but in fact, this was the usual behavior of Japanese women, and they expected the guys to understand everything that was going on in their minds. When a girl is upset about something, she will never say it directly, and problems can arise if the guy does not notice that something is wrong. In such cases, it is important to be able to notice the hints of the Japanese sweetheart. If you overlook them, it will seem that nothing special is happening, while your girlfriend will begin to think that you are an insensitive egoist. Some started talking about this problem with their Japanese lovers, and it helped.

Know more about Japanese dating culture

A Japanese woman is an ordinary girl; you need to communicate with her, get interested, solicit contacts, and take the initiative.

Firstly, Japanese women are not as shy or modest as many people think. In fact, they can be quite shameless. During some friendly meeting in a bar, they may well begin to ask about the details of your intimate life, make you a couple of compliments, etc. Of course, this will largely depend on the person, there are different girls, but it's just that Japanese women are often presented as blameless, modest, meek, etc. Drop these silly stereotypes.

In Japanese culture, communication often happens without words. You must be able to read the feelings and desires of the interlocutor by his behavior. Perhaps those who have had a long relationship with Japanese women realized this point early enough. Or the Japanese lover at some point realized that she needed to be more straightforward with her foreign boyfriend. It can also be partly in English. Of course, the foreigner must have studied Japanese, and that also helps. However, given that many relationships of this kind begin thanks to the English language, it can be assumed that girls will be pleased to communicate in English, especially since they will learn it better than their girlfriends. It's the same with guys; that is, both partners begin to learn each other's languages better.

Secondly, Japanese women have no special illusions about the relationship between a man and a woman. If she agrees to go on a date with you, then most likely, there is no point in further wondering whether she likes me or not. They are not used to flirting without further development. But if something goes wrong, the Japanese woman will honestly answer that "nothing will work out," or she will simply ignore you.

Thirdly, a kiss in Japan is a rather intimate thing, so Japanese women will kiss only with the man with whom they are ready to have sex and start a relationship. If the Japanese woman does not mind kissing you, you may well take further action. Don't stop there.

Fourth, compliments and romance are unusual in Japan. The romance is specific there, not like the romance we are used to. And compliments are perceived as they are.

Date Japanese women looking for an American man

In general, if we touch upon the issue of the family, then here we can note several tendencies characteristic of Japan.

First, throughout the 20th century, there was a gradual decline in families of the traditional type and an increase in families of the nuclear type. The same trend holds true for the current century. In addition, it should be noted that gradually, albeit slowly, the number of love marriages based on personal affection is growing. And this growth is gradually replacing marriage of convenience, which held families together rather than hearts.

Secondly, there is a gradual aging of the nation due to the later marriage. And if for a girl at the end of the 20th century the average age of marriage was about twenty years, then already in the zero years of the 21st century it approached the mark of thirty years. Accordingly, the birth of children occurs between about thirty-two and thirty-four years.

Thirdly, the very conclusion of marriage has ceased to be obligatory; even the pressure from society on women in this regard has become much less. And it is no longer a surprising woman who has chosen career growth and not the role of a housewife, although the latter number is still very high. Most likely, this is also partly due to the fact that if for a man creating a family is a kind of fulfillment of duty towards his parents, which he almost does not fulfill after the wedding, then for a woman, this is a much more serious step. After all, the question arises for her: either a household or a career.

Fourthly, women who have given up career development quite often become so-called "kyoiku mama," women for whom helping children in their development becomes a top priority. Their motherhood makes life for them "ikigai" meaningful, and the subsequent periods correlate with the periods of children's lives: kindergarten, school, university.

However, not everything is as straightforward as one might think. Despite the abandonment of a career, many housewives still engage in at least part of their motherhood in labor. Temporary employment and part-time work is a common type of employment for those married women who, although they prefer family to work, still do not limit their range of interests solely to household chores.

There is also another curious feature of the family relationship between husband and wife. Despite the fact that in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is the man who provides the family, the wife controls the budget of this institution. There are even families where a man's salary is immediately transferred to his wife's bank account, making him a hostage in the economic sphere of his wife's decisions.

What are Japanese women like?

Oddly enough, the tastes of Japanese women in relation to men are quite different from those in Europe.

And if girls from Europe prefer being strong and ready to stand up for themselves, then Japanese women, on the contrary, are drawn to small, thin, and beautiful princes.

Long hair, a thin figure, a well-groomed face - all this plays a big role in choosing a partner or idol for young girls.

They dream of finding a young, earning person who has his car (and cars in Japan are an extremely complex topic, and not everyone can afford to keep a car), a good sense of humor, and a pretty face.

As women get older, their priorities change. They do not need money so much because they themselves work and earn on an equal basis with men. With age, Japanese women need an understanding, listening, supportive, and supportive woman who will take care of a woman, even if she wakes him up in the middle of the night with a stupid idea. They need a gentle, loving, forcing a smile upon meeting, able to keep track of the household and prepare dinner for the arrival of a tired wife. Strong and decisive men, on the contrary, are repulsive.

After all, a small and fragile woman will not feel safe with a strong man nearby. They know for sure that they will not be happy with a person who needs to show their strength, infringes on the weak, and tend to discriminate against people who do not like him; in particular, this applies to convicted men with debts, prone to bad habits. The main thing for Japanese women is a gentle partner with a kind and understanding soul.

Explore dating Japanese girl tips

Based on the above, you can estimate a standard scenario for the development of relationships and dating with Japanese women:

Ask for the first date, followed by a week, a maximum of a couple of weeks of correspondence. After that, ask for a second date, which should end in some hotel or slave-hotel (love hotel). Even the shyest and modest ones retreat under pressure and agree to further actions already on the second date. If a girl ignores you, then you should consider whether she likes you.

On first dates, invite a Japanese woman to elegant restaurants, observatories on tall buildings (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower at sunset), or walks along the night streets in some date spot.

And finally - if a Japanese woman invites you to her home or agrees to come to your home, then this in 99% of cases means that the Japanese woman likes you and wants a relationship with you.

In general, if you understand something about women, then starting a relationship with a Japanese woman is very simple. The main thing is not to be blunt and understand their hints, and Japanese women do not pretend to be mysterious and inaccessible.