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The advantage of American women in relationships is that they usually give a lot of personal space, and they themselves want it in return. That is, you do what you want, interests, work, and everything else. You are in a relationship, of course, but the American does what she wants; that is, she has her hobbies and interests. Naturally, no one tolerates treason. If you cheat, the relationship will end badly. In addition, there are all sorts of dating sites. There are sites of interest if you are looking for a serious relationship. There you indicate your address, the range of your interests, and he offers you all sorts of meetings that take place in your area. That is, it can be a club of psychology lovers, or a certain author, literature, a club for singles, where the main task is for people to meet another person.

Where to meet a native American woman

To begin with, you need to share where you want the girl to look for and where you are now. There is only one option, and it consists in the fact that you just need to go to American sites, Facebook, or some dating sites and find an American woman with interests like yours. Let's say you are an artist. That is, you need to find an American woman on Facebook who is an artist, and communicate with her on these topics, perhaps mentioning in passing, when you have established normal relations with her, that you would like to come to America and make an exhibition of your paintings, etc. Then there are some chances that you will establish a good relationship with a woman at a distance, and maybe she will come to see you, and, in principle, you will always have something to talk about. How to get acquainted with an American woman here on the ground, and is it possible? In principle, you may be in America. How to do it? There are several options. The most commonplace is just meeting at a party. That is, you have to go somewhere to get together, you can even just go to bars. Of course, it's better to go to a get-together where you already have some mutual friends. Many students and young people gather, they also bring their friends, there may be 100, 200 people in someone's house. These people will not know each other, absolutely strangers, they get to know each other. The very first and most banal option is a party or a bar.

If you want some more serious relationship, then you have to look here, and you probably will have to look longer. That is, good options are to go to college to study and find a girlfriend there, or, again, look for hobbies based on interests. There are public speaking classes in America called Talksmasters. And, these are free classes; sometimes, they charge 5-10 dollars. There you will be taught to speak English; oratory will be taught. You can enroll in this circle and go and see your girlfriend there. American women and other English-speaking girls also go there, as well as emigrants, but not Russians. That is, in principle, you need to go somewhere where there is some kind of social activity. To find a more serious girlfriend, you need to get to know the person better. Just going to a party, a get-together, a relationship can start; you can even become fuck buddies. But, unfortunately, you will think that you already have some kind of relationship, some kind of feelings. For her, it will be just sex. And; in principle, there are stories when a person is not an American; he found himself an American. He thought that they already had a serious relationship, but she did not understand why this was what he was talking about. That is, she is still ahead, and she does not need any kind of relationship; yes, having sex is cool, but no more. Naturally, because of this, problems and difficulties arose. It was hard for the person. He thought that he was loved, that everything was serious there in their relationship, but everything turned out to be quite frivolous. This is the hallmark of American women.

Some facts about native American courtship and marriage

Over the past half-century, the average household size in the United States has decreased 1.3 times. In the early 1960s, it was 3.36 people, in 2012 - already 2.55 people. This decline is explained by the "epidemic" of loneliness - the proportion of people living without relatives or partners is growing. So, for the 1960-the 1970s, it more than doubled (from 3.7% in 1960 to 8.0% in 1980), and in the 2000s, it exceeded 10% (Fig. 1), writes Demoscope Weekly. There are 117 million households in the United States, up from 35 million 70 years ago.

The distribution of households by the number of members has also clearly changed. The share of one-person households has doubled. In 1960, it was 13%, in 2008-2012. - already 27% or more. The share of 2-person households grew moderately - from 28% to 33%.

The number of non-family households increased largely due to the popularity of civil marriages. Their share among households in 2010 was about 7% - seven times more than in 1970. And this is a somewhat underestimated figure in view of the difficulties in accounting for such farms.

The number of informal marriages in which partners are raising children is also growing. In 2010, in the United States, according to the census, 7 million couples of different sexes lived without marriage registration. Moreover, 40% of them had one or more children under 18 years of age. This is almost as many as married couples.

Partnerships are for young and less educated people. In 60% of civil marriages, a woman is under 35 years old. More often than among married couples, the woman in them is of African American or Latin American descent. In civil marriages, partners' level of education is on average lower than informal marriages and is usually limited to secondary school. "Although both partners can make an economic contribution to raising a child, such unions are less stable than marriages, and their children are at a higher risk of poverty and other social deprivation."

Several native American mating rituals

Although it is customary to get married in a church, modern Americans also resort to such original solutions as an outdoor wedding ceremony, for example, on the seashore, in a blooming garden, or any other beautiful place. To do this, an altar and everything you need is installed at the location chosen for the event; it is decorated with flowers, ribbons, and other decorations; a priest is invited. An outdoor wedding ceremony in nature looks truly unforgettable. But it also happens that the newlyweds wish to hold an extraordinary wedding ceremony, for example, onboard an airplane or ship.

How and where to find a native American girlfriend

Acquaintance on the Internet

The most popular type of dating for Americans in the past few years has become online dating. Many dating sites allow you to post your photos, videos, and detailed information about yourself on the Internet in America.

Acquaintance through friends

The advantage of this type of dating is that you have the opportunity to learn more from your friends about the person they recommend to you before you meet him, which makes communication much easier, especially on the first date. The main disadvantage of dating through friends is the fact that you and your friends may have completely different ideas about who can be a decent girl for you.

At work

This type of dating is becoming less and less popular in America. According to the Sexual Harassment Act, any signs of attention at work towards the opposite sex can be considered actions of a sexual nature. Flowers, gifts, phone calls, compliments, emails, text messages, ambiguous jokes - all this can be regarded as sexual harassment, which will inevitably entail the dismissal of the courtesy employee and, most likely, subsequent legal proceedings. Now, in the conditions of the economic crisis, when it is considered unprecedented luck to have a well-paid, stable job, men are so afraid of losing their place that they simply forgot how to react to women at work.

At school or the institute

Today, Americans are getting married at an increasingly mature age. Getting married for the first time at 35 and having their first child at 38 is now considered the norm for an American woman. People change, develop and "grow" out of their school or college romances; therefore, relationships established at school or the institute increasingly break up and do not lead to marriage.

Acquaintance at a public event

All kinds of social events are very popular in America: gala lunches, dinners, and parties in a wide variety of places. This could be a charity meeting, a book club party, a professional conference, or the grand opening or closing of a cultural event. Americans make contact with strangers easily. In America, it is customary to talk to strangers in public places (in a restaurant, transport, or store); others perceive this as something completely natural and non-binding.

The advantage of dating at a social event is that you can have a nice conversation with the person without feeling obligated to continue the acquaintance you started. The same circumstance is at the same time a disadvantage of an acquaintance at this kind of party.

According to a survey of American dating services of 10,675 men and women who have married in America in the past few years:

  • 19.4% of newlyweds met online

  • 17.2% met their future chosen one through friends

  • 17.2% found love at work

  • 8.8% studied together in school or college

  • 8.3% met at a party or some social event

Here are some less traditional and even sometimes unexpected places to meet:

In the church

It will probably surprise you that most Americans are very religious, especially in the American South and Midwest. Americans (both women and men) go to church as for a holiday: they wear all the best they have - bright dresses, expensive suits, high-heeled shoes, fashion accessories, and even hats. One gets the impression that they are not going to church to communicate with God, but to a fashionable get-together - to show themselves and see others. In fact, this is the way it is: the church in America is, first of all, a place of communion, and only then - worship. Therefore, an acquaintance in the church is very popular in America.

At a sports match

It is enough to live in America for a couple of months to understand that America has two main religions: religion (in the traditional sense of the word) and American football. American football, with its ubiquitous presence - in the form of billboards in the streets, in the form of posters in public places, on television in restaurants and bars, in the form of stickers on car bumpers and in the form of banners and flags on neighboring houses - fills a lot of space. The American football hobby is very reminiscent of religious fanaticism in terms of popularity, excitement, and idolatry. Therefore, having come to a football match, a man can easily talk to an American woman he likes (after observing her and determining which team she is rooting for) and cheer with her for the rest of the match. Joint emotional excitement about winning or losing your favorite team is known to be very close. The disadvantage of this type of dating is that few women can endure the deafening roar of football fans around them for four hours and, moreover, at a sports match, it is difficult to determine who is married and who is free.

On courses

All kinds of courses are very popular in America: courses in foreign languages, courses for novice dog breeders, culinary courses, courses for amateur gardeners, courses for spiritual self-improvement, meditation, psychology, photography, to name but a few. Americans usually get to know each other at courses because any courses are a meeting place for people who share common interests, which means they have something to talk about.

In the Fitness club

For many men, the sporty look is quite sexy.