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It is much easier to get to know the opposite sex today than it was 20-30 years ago. This can be done without leaving your home. You do not have to risk your career for the sake of an office romance, go to parties for the sake of dating, or look for a future spouse only from classmates. A soulmate can be found on a dating site. To start a relationship, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of a partner and communicate with her. Girls do not like rudeness, rudeness, obscene hints.

How to converse with a woman

Elementary rules will help you to communicate correctly with a girl on a dating site. First of all, say hello, so you will give a positive attitude to the interlocutor and spur her to dialogue. If the woman doesn't answer, there is no need to end the private messages. A greeting and one question are enough to show interest. When there is no dialogue, the girl is silent or answers in monosyllables; perhaps she has no interest in you. You need to calmly come to terms with this and take it for granted. The main thing is to understand that there are many pretty cute girls on dating sites who do not mind entering into correspondence with you. How to start chatting with girls on a dating site, and what questions to ask? Here are some examples:

  • find out how the mood is;

  • is there an opportunity to communicate;

  • is there a boyfriend;

  • ask for information of interest to find a common topic (for example, what dish you like, who is studying).

You should show your interest and maintain a dialogue. It's great if you tell a joke that is appropriate, but not vulgar, to please the lady. If the woman shares with you that she is sad, support and encourage her. The interlocutor will definitely appreciate the care for her emotional state.

Any communication with a girl on a dating site should not drag on for months, but you should not rush things either. Some women may decide that you are not interested in relationships and family this way, but in entertainment for one night. Be extremely polite. The interlocutor may be vulnerable, and a rude word will hurt her, discourage the desire to continue the dialogue.

Communication will be stormy and interesting if the lady is initially tuned in to it. If a girl actively ignores your messages and does not read them, you should not write to her. Try your luck with another person. You need to communicate with a woman on a dating site so that it would be mutual. Ideal if you can get close after finding a common topic of conversation.

The best way to talk to women

If you have just met a girl, you need to interest her as soon as possible and find out as many facts as possible about her. Dialogue about the weather will not bring you any closer to making this woman yours. Of course, if you want it. Therefore - let's figure out how to talk to a woman.

Let's see how two unfamiliar people talk. Usually - they have a polite conversation on abstract topics. The conversation revolves around meaningless, well-known topics that can be touched on completely safely and anyone can talk to for a long time. Basically, the purpose of the conversation is to fill in awkward pauses when you and an unfamiliar person find yourself in the same space. The feeling of such a conversation is rather awkward - but this conversation is better than a long silence. And when your time together ends - you say goodbye with relief and go each your own way, with a sense of accomplishment. However, when talking to a girl, you have a definite goal (at least, you should). And if you talk to her about anything, then you will not come close to your goal. If you don't know a girl very well, you need to get to know her as soon as possible. And here, a conversation on abstract topics does not help. You need to interest her, make sure that the girl is waiting for your next meeting, and perceives you as an interesting interlocutor. And here, superficial chatter will not help. Talking about the weather and other well-known things doesn’t bring you closer to your girlfriend.

The most unpleasant thing is that in such dialogues, an inevitable awkwardness appears, which both feel. If you are not very good at building trust in communication, you may notice clear signs of loss of interest on the girl's part too late. For example, when she thoroughly buried herself in her smartphone and muttered something unintelligible from there.

There are some ways to tell if a girl doesn't like you:

  • The girl you are talking to gives only simple and monosyllabic answers.

  • The girl doesn't ask any questions.

  • The girl herself does not take the initiative. The conversation goes only on those topics that you raise.

  • You fail to bring the conversation to any significant topics; the whole conversation is conducted around general topics.

  • The girl does not talk about herself and expresses her opinion extremely sparingly, preferring to listen to you.

It doesn't matter why you are in this situation. Maybe you are not very good at communication. Maybe the girl is not very interested. Maybe she doesn't want to initiate the conversation herself but wants you to play the main role. The reason is not important. It is important what you do in this situation. And you can do the following:

Start talking about the girl. Most guys talk to a girl and tell a lot of stories about themselves. Or just funny stories. Go on talking about the girl. You should show a sincere interest in the girl's personality - in what she loves, what she enjoys, what she dreams of, what she strives for. In this way, you will really begin to build a very personal relationship with her, and the level of trust between you will grow. And the information that the girl will tell you will be very useful to you.

Take the conversation away from general topics. Move on to personal topics, or rather, to your personally and personally her attitude - to books, films, countries, cities. Any event in your life. Talk about her and your first love. First sexual experience. Discuss which book you liked the most and why. Instead of superficial chatter, start talking about meaningful, deep topics.

If the girl does not make contact in any way, change the place. Get her out of the cafe and just take a walk. Or go to another cafe. Often a change of place can help - in a different location, a girl may begin to behave differently. Surprisingly, this often works.

Get away from the girl. If all else fails, you can make yourself look a little bored and immerse yourself in your thoughts, leaving events to develop without your participation. Sometimes it works. Because if the girl is really interested in you, she will try to fix the situation when she sees that you are bored.

Leave and return. You leave the girl alone for a while. And you come back. At the same time - you leave the previous situation of awkward conversation. And you must return to others and immediately create a different situation - positive and relaxed. Go outside - ostensibly to talk on the phone. Think of something to explain your departure. Take air in your lungs. Smile, feel positive - and return to the girl. And try again to bring the girl to a frank conversation. You should not leave the girl for a long time. And you need to come back really more positive.

Talk to her frankly. But this is an extreme case because, after such a conversation, it is often impossible to return anything. But if it comes to this extreme - just ask the girl: "Am I doing something wrong, or do you really want to communicate with me?" It happens that this works, and the girl begins to talk about what is annoying her. But sometimes a girl can say the sacramental "We can only be friends" - and this is practically the end of the hope to seduce her.

Why chatting with women online is a good idea

The attitude towards online dating is very ambiguous. Some think that this is a waste of time, while others are celebrating a wedding with partners they found on the Internet. One thing is certain: the popularity of dating sites is growing because people can communicate with people from any country, of any age and status, which means that you can significantly increase the chance of finding a soulmate. Surely many have love stories about how people found their partners or already spouses via the Internet. Moreover, this did not necessarily happen on special portals for finding a pair - someone “liked” a photo of a person they liked on a social network or started a correspondence in a messenger. The Internet is a part of our life: here we work and relax - so why not use it to find a life partner? Statistics show that more than a third of the users of the World Wide Web have used the services of dating sites at least once. Every day more than one and a half million people spend 4 hours or more on such portals. At the same time, men and women are registered on the sites approximately equally. What is the secret of the popularity of such online services? Accessibility - no need to waste time attending any events; it is enough to have a gadget and the Internet. It doesn't matter how much time is on the clock - you can get to know each other day and night. It is easy to find an interlocutor from a different time zone: the Internet significantly expands dating boundaries. It is not possible to reply to messages immediately - there is time to think over the answer, to find an approach to the interlocutor.

Communication with several interlocutors at once is another plus.

It is much easier to start chatting online than live - a great way out for shy people. You can immediately weed out unsuitable people by selecting them by age, profession, interests.

Several things women like to talk about


Where do you work?

How long have you been working there?

Do you like what you do?

Do you like your colleagues?


What do you think of * interesting or funny news *?

Have you heard about the * news *?


What kind of sport do you like?

Did you go to games (matches)? How are your impressions?

Do you do any sport?


What is your favorite cuisine/dish?

Do you like to cook? What, for example?

What unusual dishes/products have you tried?

What's your favorite drink? And alcohol?

Music, films

What movies/music do you like?

What was the last movie you watched?

Which actor/actress/director do you like best?

Who would you watch the film with, even if it has bad grades?

Place of residence

You shouldn't find out the address; it's tactless. If she wants to, she will show where she lives when you see her off. Here you can also discuss:

In what district do you live?

Do you like this area?

How long have you moved there?


Do you like cats or dogs more?

What pets do you have?

What would you like to have?

Anyone likes to talk about themselves. Therefore, keep this truth in your head and do not get carried away by continuous stories about your person, interrupting and bragging. You still have a lot of time ahead of you; you will have time to share.

And at the same time, this rule works in the opposite direction - if you set the desired vector, then the girl can get carried away and open up, telling about herself.

You may be interested in how to start a conversation with a girl.


Who do you look up to? Maybe it's a close person or some kind of celebrity.

What personal qualities help you in life?

What achievements in life are you proud of?


Even if this is not the most interesting activity, she will be grateful to you that you are interested in this topic and once again reminded that her life is not a series of work and stress replacing each other.

Goals in life

You can find out goals in the following areas:

Sports, health.


Housing (own apartment or house), country of residence, city.

Do you always complete the work you have begun?

Free time

What do you like to do in your free time?

Do you have a lot of free time?

Would you like it to be more? What would you spend on it?


What's the most unusual/scary/dangerous thing you've done in your life?

What an extreme act she wants to do but has not yet decided.


In what city was she born and raised?

What are the happiest childhood memories?

What cartoons did you watch when you were little?

Are there brothers or sisters?

Where did you like to spend your holidays?

How did you learn to swim?


Where do you usually buy clothes/shoes/groceries?

Do you often go shopping?

Do you shop online, and what?


What app on your smartphone can't you imagine your life without?

What would you recommend?

What games do you play on your phone?


Do you spend a lot of time there?

What do you mostly do there?

What strange or interesting sites have you seen?

Virtual reality

Do you think it will replace the real one soon?

What virtual life cannot give us, what is in ordinary life?

What games have you played on the computer, or do you like to play?

Do you think there is any benefit/harm from this?


What is your phone brand?

Do you like it, do you have anything to compare with?

How often do you change it?

What is important for you to be in this?

Did you break/smash your phone, and under what circumstances?


Do you care about the confidentiality of personal information?


Do you drive a car?

Would you like a car with an automatic driving function?

Do you think robots will control all cars in the future? Are there any disadvantages to this?

What is the advantage of human driving control?

Social networks

Are you on social media?

Who are you following, who are you interested in following?