Why Does Kissing Feel Good? A Closer Look at the Possible Health Benefits

Intence kiss

It reduces and releases

Passion kiss

Kissing helps to not only reduce blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels but it has also been found to relieve menstrual cramps and headaches through the same blood vessel dilation.

Not only that but it also helps to release your ‘happy’ hormones. Feel good chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin can all be released through kissing so if people ask why is kissing healthy, you can tell them because it makes you feel good and does you good too!

Why does kissing feel so good though? These ‘happy’ hormones paired with the sensory neurons in our lips being stimulated by other lips which prompt the release of sebum all help to make us feel good which in turn makes kissing feel good.

It burns and boosts

Hot kiss

Whilst it doesn’t burn as many calories as some people would like you to believe, kissing does in fact burn some calories – if you want to know why do people like kissing, look no further – something that makes you feel good and burns calories? What’s the catch? An intense kiss can burn anywhere between eight and sixteen calories – not bad for a quick kiss!

Not only does kissing have an impact on your physical health but it also does your mental health the world of good too, boosting your self-esteem. This is why kissing is important in our day to day lives – it not only serves to benefit us physically but it also impacts on us mentally and helps strengthen our relationships with others. Kisses make people happier, make them feel more confident in themselves and in turn more productive – all major positives for our health and wellbeing.

It tones and eases

Intence kiss

Kissing can also help to tone our facial muscles which can help shape up our necks and jawlines – great if you are trying to keep those wrinkles at bay! It can also help to ease stress – making kissing a priority in a relationship has seen to greater relationship satisfaction and lower stress levels over a short period of time – it’s little wonder we turn to our partners in times of stress if this is the case.

Is kissing good for you? Most definitely. Not only does it have a positive impact physically by reducing blood pressure, physical ailments and toning up our muscles but it also is good for our mental health, making us feel good about ourselves and easing the stresses of our day to day life. There aren’t many other things that you can truly say do all that.

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