Busty Dating - Why Do Men Like Boobs?

We must admit that any feature in a woman that makes her look naturally different from a man captures the attention of many men. Have you ever wondered what’s in a woman’s breast that men stare at them absent-mindedly at times?

Considering the biological and psychological aspects, men’s obsession with breast is pretty weird. Women, on the other hand, seem to enjoy the attention. Of the visible feminine physical beauty like hips, breasts, hair and other facial features, it’s the breast first gets the attention. A healthy, physically attractive woman with a sizeable bust just triggers sensual attractions in man.

Why Are Boobs Awesome?

No other lovely parts in a woman work as a team to create a resting place for men’s weary heads. The ready-made cushion of a lady’s bosom lets men forget life is tough. Men find it easy to relax and think life’s challenges through the calming warmth of the natural upholstery. It’s hard to explain how, but it magically gets the spirit of men restored. Many huge tits dating sites have realized the magic great boobs have on single men and have created interactive platforms for like-minded men and women online. Men greatly appreciate the curviness created by the soft swell of boobs that enhances the feminine figure. Many love stories commenced with such charming forms.

To plainly express it, men don’t learn on the social sites, playgrounds or workplaces that breasts are something they should be drawn to. It’s just biological and deeply embedded in the brain.

Why Are Some Breasts Bigger than Others?

When you’re done growing, genetics still play a huge role on how your overall body looks. The breasts are not an exception. Body weight can also explain why some breasts are smaller while others are bigger. Overweight women tend to have large breasts while slender or more athletic women mostly have smaller boobs. It has also been shared that going off birth control or breast feeding for longer periods of time may reduce the size of breasts. Men tend to enjoy the enticing profiles of perky girls online. Whether it’s the lively group of big tit singles or average breasted hotties, the breast muscles still hold everything up. These fibrous ligaments can wear out overtime like overstretched rubber bands and become less supportive. Subsequently, the boobs may appear large and drooping.

Do Guys Like Big Boobs?

Guys go out of their way just to get a glimpse of boobs at every opportunity. Some even spend their hard-earned cash to watch hotties go naked in clubs. The communication skills of bra-less nipples perfectly accessorize a lady’s frontage. Men also know that when boobs become firm or nipples stand erect, you’re happy with them, experiencing chill or both. Big boobs are perfectly good at conveying information. The mystery that surrounds healthy, firm boobs behind a blouse fascinates men into wanting to see what they don’t see. They spend hours imagining what those gorgeous mounds in front of you are actually looking like. Some studies have even scientifically revealed that staring at boobs for as little as 15 minutes rewards with healthier, longer lives.

Why Do Men Like Big Breasts?

One reason for men’s utter obsession with tits is that they just like how your breasts look. Regardless of size and shape, boobs are just fascinating to men. While the preference may vary from one individual to another the charm from breasts is rather universal. Many men agree that boobs just feel so nice. Nothing engrosses their attention like good busts. That’s why they can’t resist putting hands on them whenever the opportunity presents itself. Close to seeing or touching them, men like to see breasts dance or just move. The way breasts shake or bounce when you move attracts their attention.

How to Play with Tits

Boobs are incredibly awesome. Guys just love to find lots of fun as they play with them. If you’re interested in learning how to play with them in a way you both find pleasuring, here are a few tips to spice your prowess.

  • As much as touching the breast involves some form of foreplay, don’t be over eager. It may get you too aggressive with your movements.
  • Understand that all breasts are not created equal. Some breasts, especially the smaller ones, tend to be pretty sensitive while larger breasts are a bit more resilient.
  • Don’t ignore the nipples. Some women can reach the realms of pleasure by gently playing with the nipple alone.
  • Use more than your hands to deliver the pleasure. Oral pleasure isn’t just designed for the genitals. Try it on the nipples. You’ll be surprised by the excitement.
  • Be sensitive to timing. Breast sensitivity changes. The beautiful lady with big boobs might need different actions from you any second.

Small Boobs Vs Big Boobs

Are you curious about what men think when it comes to the size of boobs? To most men larger boobs certainly make a woman more visible. The tighter the blouse the juicier the feeling. To others however, the size of the boobs doesn’t matter. They find other characteristics more important when it comes to female attractiveness. When it comes to how breasts feel in the hand, some men love the easy-to-cup tits than the large boobs. Others insist on the huge overflowing breasts that leave you feeling you’re holding some gorgeous weight. Boob guys just love it huge and succulent. All in all, many men tend to go for medium to big boobs.

How to Get a Girl to Show You Her Boobs

What must a guy do for a girl to show her healthy boobs? Do you wait till you both get wasted then ask her directly? That sounds pretty like no gentleman. Try these techniques instead;

  • Making a crazy bet is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get a girl to show you her boobs. If you lose, you’ll still find it thrilling displaying your broad chest to her.
  • Try the jealousy card. Girls are naturally jealous. If you tell the girl you’re dreaming to see her bazookas that the particular girl they don’t like showed you her boobs, any further teasing may reward your desires.
  • What of the reverse psychology technique? If you think ladies are not stubborn, you’ve a thesis to write about it. When you persist that they shouldn’t do something, the next thing you know, they’re doing it. Utilize this to your advantage.
  • If you’re building something much more intimate, play tit for tat. Jokily trying ‘I’ll show you mine when you show me yours’ works.

Men get attracted to women’s boobs is completely natural and normal. It doesn’t immediately put you at fault. Go ahead and enjoy the huge tits dating sites. We hope we have appealed on men’s behalf that the next time a lady catches them stealing a sneaky glance at her cleavage or huge tits, it’s a natural urge that they can’t really help.

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