What You Say on a Date Can Make You More Attractive

Talking that makes you attractive

Dating can sometimes be an awkward situation, particularly when things are not going well but what you say can make you come across as a more attractive and appealing person. So what are the things that you should say to make you seem like a more intriguing and interesting person?

You Look Great

Men or women like to receive compliments and giving a compliment about what they are wearing or how they look will certainly help to make you come across as though you are attractive and caring.

Laugh when you need to

Ok, laughing is not necessarily saying something but it is more about the appreciation. If they say something that is funny, then feel free to show them that you appreciate it. Show them that you have a sense of humour they will certainly think more of you.

Show them you care about family

Family counts for a lot and there is nothing wrong with showing them that you are close to your family. In fact, this will certainly show them that you have a caring side, you are normal and know what it is all about to be there and support others.

Tell them you had a good weekend

Showing them that you are happy in your life and that you have a good social life will certainly leave them intrigued about what life would be like with you. You will come across as a happy person who enjoys the zest of life.

Do you want one more?

Asking if they want another drink or maybe something for dessert shows them that you want the date to continue and that you value their company. Whether that is asking if they want to go for an ice cream or perhaps for a coffee somewhere, you are showing that you are interested.

Say what you enjoy doing

If you have a hobby then let them know because it will show them that you have a different side to you. Even if the hobby is random and obscure, this could make you look even more interesting and attractive. Just don’t go making it up!

Offer an open invite

If your discussion is about a place, a concert or something else then suggest that maybe, one day, you could both go there or do something together. It is a bit of a non-specific invitation but it shows them that you are interested.

Offer to split the bill

In days gone by, there would be a time where the man would pay for the bill but times have changed. Of course, if they offer to pay then insist that splitting it is the best way because that is fair an equal. This shows that you see each other as the same and there is nobody above the other.

Tell them you had an awesome time

Telling them that you had a great time will show them that you are into them. It shows that you have valued their time and that you would like to see them again. This will give them the green light if they are into you.

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