Attract Girls and Learn How to Get a Girlfriend

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Are you fed up of being single and actively seeking dates? Maybe you are asking yourself how and where you are going to find a girlfriend. Where do you look and how do you attract females? There are many tips and advice that will help you to become better at being more attractive and making sure that you get noticed. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you find that confidence and that girl!

Stop trying so hard to meet someone

That may seem like a complete contradiction when the whole point of the article is to help you to find dates but the chances are you are trying too hard. If you are solely focused on “how do I get a girlfriend,” the chances are you may miss opportunities and then wondering why you can’t get one. If you are talking to women and thinking the whole time about how you can ask them out then you may appear a bit weird. Instead, just talk to girls without working out if they could be your next girlfriend. Maintain that air of being hard to get so that they might chase you.

Look in the right places

First and foremost, you need to know where to look. If you find yourself eyeing up every girl you meet as a dating prospect then you need to widen your net. Instead of working your way through your Facebook friends list or ladies in the office why not try and find a girlfriend online? Online dating is a great way to meet local single women in your area that are looking for guys just like you. There is no need to go out looking for them, the site will just match you together.

Make sure you are actually into them

If you have got to the stage where you just want a girlfriend and you don’t really mind if they don’t like the same things as you, or that they aren’t quite what you were looking for, then don’t go there. It will only end in tears. Imagine you started seeing someone because you didn’t want to be lonely and then someone else came along that was perfect. What would you do then? Don’t rush into things – take your time and make sure you date someone that you are actually into.

Meeting girls and getting to know them

Sometimes a confident, average looking guy does a lot better with the ladies than a quiet and shy gorgeous guy but why is this? Well, there is something about confidence that makes a guy (and ladies) considerably more attractive to the opposite sex. Now when we say confidence don’t mistake that for arrogance – that’s not an attractive quality. You need to find a balance between being your best self and being over the top.

Being interested in what they have to say

Of course, while you are working on being your best confident self, don’t forget to ask about her. What does she like, what does she dislike and what is she into? What is she looking for from life? Girls want to feel wanted and that you are interested in them. Don’t sit there talking about yourself for the whole date or if you are chatting to them online. Ask them about themselves and be interested in what they have to say. The ideal boyfriend has to be able to listen as well as talk.

What do girls want?

Once you have met someone that you like and want to impress, it is important to understand what girls want in a man. It’s not so much about opening doors, pulling out their chair or turning up with a bunch of roses. Most women are strong and independent and may not be into that. Instead they want someone that can support and understand them. Pay her compliments but not so many that she feels overwhelmed, listen to what she says and show your understanding of it and be genuinely interested in her.

Playing games won’t help you get a girlfriend

While you may think that playing games and leaving her guessing will make things more exciting, trust us, it’s just confusing. Either you like her or you don’t. Why play games if you like someone and risk them thinking that you are not interested. Playing hard to get or being aloof in the hope that she will want you more is not going to end well. While you don’t have to be full on and all over her, you can let her know that you like her.

Don’t rush to make it a ‘thing’

While you may be all consumed in how to get a girlfriend, sometimes you can forget to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Why does everything have to have a label? Do you want a date because you want someone to share your life with or do you want someone that you can enjoy spending time with and the benefits that a relationship brings? Maybe you don’t want anything too heavy but instead what someone you can have some fun with. Trying to label these things can sometimes ruin them before they start so take it easy and just enjoy it.

Relax, enjoy yourself, don’t be in such a hurry to meet ‘the one’. It will all come in good time. If you are using online dating and are actively on the lookout for single girls that are right for you then eventually you will meet someone and it will probably be when you least expect it. Just enjoy, be yourself and have fun searching.

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