“Thinking of You” – How to Win His Heart via Text

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If you have been wondering how to win his heart over text, we have some advice that will stand you in good stead, and some example texts to make it a little easier. First of all, you need to decide what you want from this man; do you want a relationship or something a little more casual?

What to Say When a Guy Says He Is Thinking About You – Night vs. Day Time

A “thinking of you” text can either be a sign that a guy is really into you, or that he’s really into the idea of a booty call; it all depends on when he sends that text. If a man sends you this text late at night, he’s looking for some attention or a booty call. If you’re good with that then carry on, but if you have designs on a relationship with this guy you should definitely think about how to reply. You could try one of the following things;

1) Let it sit; Don’t respond until morning, then follow up with an invitation to grab a coffee or hang out. If he shows no interest this then run; he’s definitely only in it for the booty calls.

2) Talk it out; Straight up ask them why they only text you late at night. Such a forward approach can be disarming and lead to a frank discussion.

3) Re-evaluate; If it is becoming clear that he has no interest in anything serious, re-evaluate your view of this guy and ask yourself if you will be happy with a purely casual relationship. If not, get out of Dodge!

How to Respond To an “I’ve Been Thinking About You” Text During the Day

When you receive this text in the day, or first thing in the morning, it’s certainly a good sign. Many women as what guys mean when they send this text, but the truth is that it’s very simple; he means that you’re on his mind in one way or another.

The trick is how you respond; if you reply ‘aww, that’s sweet’ he may read this as disinterest.

So, how should you respond?

1) “Same – Are you free tonight/tomorrow/Saturday”; if you have been thinking of him too, be honest. This is a sure way to pique his interest! By arranging to meet in real life, too, you are showing him that you’re interested as well as telling him!

2) “I keep replaying last night/our date/Sunday in my head….”; if you’re a little further along in your relationship and you want to heat things up, you could let him know that you’re thinking about him in a very specific way.

3) “Good morning, handsome, glad to hear it!”; if you weren’t thinking of him, but you’re happy to hear from him be honest about that fact. After all, if you do he might step up his game a little to ensure that you’re thinking of him!

Making the First Move – How to Win His Heart Over Text

If you find yourself in the position of chasing a guy, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone; this is more common these days. If you want to catch his eye, you’ll need to box clever when you contact, however. So, if you want to catch his eye, pay attention to these simple tips;

1) Text When You Have Something to Say; don’t fall into the trap of constantly texting because you crave his attention. If you do this you will seem too available, and furthermore you run the risk of pushing him away by overwhelming him. Instead, text thoughtfully and follow his lead; text him when you have something specific to say, and don’t bombard him.

2) Use His Name; not in every text, of course, but throwing his name into a text now and then will get his attention. It shows that you think about him in a specific way and demands his involvement.

3) Compliment Him; so many women worry about how to find out if guys like them that the rather obvious matter of showing him that you like him goes out of the window. Throw a few compliments his way now and then to show him that you’re interested.

4) Stay Mysterious; flirting is a great way to keep things sizzling, but if you’re too obvious he might lose interest. Give him opportunities to think of you in an intimate way, but don’t be too obvious!

Now that you have a good foundation to work with, go out and get your guy! It never pays to wait around when love is on the table!

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