What Things in Men are the Most Appealing for Women?

Woman attracted to man

Physical attraction

Obviously looks are important, but they’re not the be-all and end-all. Most females have an ideal man, in the same way their male counterparts will have preconceived ideas about the type of woman who most floats their boat. Women might have a generic preference for tall men, or dark-haired guys. This might drill further down to muscular blokes who visit the gym regularly, or who have physically demanding occupations. (Firemen and construction workers often feature highly on these hypothetical wishlists.)

But for the majority of women it’s less to do with a guy’s features than what goes on behind them. The buffest male at the gym at the fitness center might turn out to be thick as two planks, or have dreadful racist opinions. Looks are only skin-deep. A challenging mind and an interesting personality are way more important to women than brute strength.

Good deeds

Women are not necessarily on the lookout for guys who regularly fly to Africa to participate in well-digging schemes, but some sense of altruism is preferable to a slob who lounges on a couch, glued to TV football while he glugs beer. A sense of empathy is crucial as it conveys that someone is a good person. Regardless of whether or not children are likely to be on the agenda or not at some point in the future, women need reassured their man has qualities such as kindness, patience and trustworthiness.


Superficial men often gravitate towards younger models. It’s all about lithe physiques and pneumatic figures. If the nubile girl they fixate on has a killer body but turn out to have the personality of a wardrobe, they’ll most likely grin and bear it. Women are far more discerning. They might look upon younger blokes as playthings, but when it comes to more full-on relationships they’ll require something with more substance. Older men provide so many things that younger guys can’t. They might have built up a successful business, meaning they can spoil their partners with expensive property, holidays, jewelry and car upgrades. This is not to say that many females are purely materialistic. They just prefer men with experience. They also know a guy who has been around the block a few times is also likely to know his way around a bedroom far better than some excitable youngster.


One attribute guaranteed to separate the men from the boys is how confident they can behave. This might boil down to appreciating everything on a restaurant menu, down to each component of the wine list, or the ability to connect with her friends and family. Sexual equality may have come on leaps and bounds since the 1960s, but women still love a man who can take charge. It’s certainly not about making the female feel subservient, merely about reinforcing certain roles.

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