The Top Online Dating Profile Tips to Land You the Person of Your Dreams

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Get the Right Picture
Looking for dating profile picture tips? Make sure you get the right picture. Use one that’s of you (no catfishing!), facing the camera with a big smile. Using a group picture or a picture of you where you look completely miserable goes completely against all good dating profile advice and certainly won’t get you that special date.

Be Honest
You may struggle with how to describe yourself on a dating profile and with how to write an online dating profile in general but it is so important to be honest about who you are. Catfishing is becoming more common and people are wary so make sure you don’t give them a reason to be. When trying to write an online dating profile, be true to yourself and don’t lie to others, it will only come out in the end and doesn’t make a good dating profile, does it?

List Your Interests
You probably want to make a great online dating profile but so many people make the mistake of being too brief. Keeping your profile pretty bare doesn’t give people anything to work with – if they can’t see what you are interested in, they may be likely to pass you by. If you want to make a dating profile stand out, list your interests – the more unique the better as you may find someone who also holds an interest in your niche activity. Listing such a niche interest also sets you apart from the rest. Some of the best dating site profile tips tell you to sell yourself well and listing your favorite hobbies is certain to do this.

Make It Clear
Whether you want to write a good dating profile for a woman or write an online dating profile for men, make it clear what you are looking for. Some people may be seeking a relationship; others may be more interested in a bit of fun so telling people what type of relationship you are looking for will halt any confusion in its tracks.

Say Who You Want
One of the top tips for online dating profile? Be specific. Want to date a certain gender? Mention it. Have a specific age range you are looking within? Mention it. Don’t want to date a smoker? Make it clear. By mentioning it at the outset, you don’t need to sift through messages from those who aren’t suitable as they won’t contact you in the first place. This is definitely recommended as one of the online dating profile tips for women.

Finally, if you’ve completed all these on your dating profile, you’re probably good to go. If you’ve followed these specific dating profile tips for women or men, hopefully you’ll start to get the dates lined up soon.

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