The Five Easiest Ways to Attract a Man: Getting a Date!

Ways to Attract a Man

1. Flirt, Flirt, Flirt!

First things first, flirt! If you want to attract a man across the room, flirt with your eyes. Catch his attention, maintain eye contact for a couple of seconds, then look away. Do this a few times to stimulate his interest in you and then approach him. Some simple steps in flirting; laugh at his jokes, good eye contact, and don’t forget to compliment him. Who doesn’t like being flattered? Make sure that you compliment him, not his clothes, so he knows you are interested in him, and not just what he is wearing. Compliment his smile, his eyes, or ask him what sports he does – suggesting he is physically fit and encouraging him to be attracted to you too.

2. Make the First Move

Some men will want a woman who is a bit bolder and has the confidence to make the first move. Don’t worry, this is not as scary as it sounds! Don’t be afraid to suggest he takes your number, don’t wait for him to ask. Try saying something like “This has been great, how about you take my number…”, clearly showing him that you’re attracted to him and encouraging him to feel confident in contacting you for a date, or hook-up. Be assertive and charming!

3. Physical Touching

Body Language is very important when you are trying to attract a man, you can convey a lot through how you present yourself. To show your availability, ensure you are angled towards him, have uncrossed arms and legs, and that you’re smiling. This will show him that you are open to talk to him and feel comfortable around him, subconsciously and consciously. This is also a great way to attract a man sexually. If you’re feeling confident place a hand on his arm as you talk, sit with your leg pressed against his, if you are the one to break the touch-barrier you’ll show your interest and peak his desire for more!

4. Take Interest in his Interests

One key way to attract a man is finding common hobbies or expressing interest in things he enjoys. If you have fun things in common it will make conversation a whole lot easier, he will find you interesting, and it will provide some great date ideas! Both of you love Marvel movies, go and see the next one together! Both passionate vegans? Go try that new vegan café in town! One of you haven’t been to that amazing museum around the corner? Now you have someone to take you! This can be a very effective method to scoring a date, and keeping the guy interested in you!

5. Be Yourself

Most of all, don’t forget to be yourself! If you want to attract a man who will truly like you, you must first be you. Stay true to who you are, let him see your individuality, your passions, and be sure to attract a man perfect for you.

There you have it, go get out there and work on your powers of attraction!

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