Online Dating Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

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How to Date Online Safely

Online dating can be a lot of fun and you can meet some really awesome people. However, every time you talk to someone new, you never truly know if they are who they say they are. Granted, most of the time when you meet someone, they are genuine and they are a lot like you — interested in meeting someone they could date. But there are some folks who would take advantage of you, too.
When you follow online dating safety tips, like these, you’re doing everything in your power to protect yourself from those bad eggs.

How Safe is Online Dating?

Okay, before we go directly into the dating safety tips, you might be wondering, “Well, how safe are dating sites if there are tips we should be following?”
You will be relieved to know that 98 to 99% of online daters are the real deal, so it’s only that 1 or 2% that you’ll have to worry about. So it’s safe to say they are pretty darn safe. Especially when you are aware of these basic tips for safe online dating.

Important Internet Dating Safety Tips

When it comes to safe dating tips, it all really boils down to using some basic common sense:

1. Meet In Public – There’s always safety in numbers, whether you’re meeting someone online or if you’re going on a blind date. If something should happen and your date goes south, you’ll have plenty of witnesses. Never, ever, agree to meet someone in their home or somewhere secluded.

2. Tell People About The Date – Whenever you’re going out with someone new, let people know where you’re going and whom you’re going with. Tell someone you trust everything you know about the person you’re meeting — their name, their phone number, what site you met each other on, and their user name. It may seem like overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Have Your Own Transportation – Gone are the days when you would have to wait for a date to pick you up at home. You want to have your own mode of transportation, so you can make a quick get-away if you get a creepy vibe from your date.

4. Stay Sober – Many people think that going out for drinks is a good first date idea. Nope, not at all. Instead, meet up during the day and avoid drinking alcohol. You want to have a clear head at all times, so you don’t have any regrets or lapses in judgment.

That’s it — there are only four real safety tips for online dating that you have to be mindful of. We told you, it’s all about using some common sense!

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