Is It True Fact or Is It Really Fiction? Does Kissing Burn Calories?

What’s True?
Whenever people mention burning calories, you can almost guarantee that someone will mention that kissing apparently burns them. But how true is this story?

Well, according to the website WebMD, a respected health source, kissing does, in fact, burn some calories although the amount is relatively small (but still double the metabolic rate). Kissing burns calories by exercising different muscles such as the muscles in the face, lips and tongue and the heart also beats faster due to the amount of adrenaline kissing induces.

Whilst you can burn some calories through kissing, it is unlikely you would see any markable difference unless you spent a vast amount of time kissing without stopping – and we all know how exhausting that would get after a while.

What’s False?
So we know what’s true but what untruths are there? As with all stories, this one has definitely been embellished over time as more and more people learn of it and tell it in their own way – and people tend to believe that the calories burned kissing are a lot more than they actually are.

Burning calories leads to weight loss and this story is often brought out as another idea for someone to lose weight. Unfortunately, unless they have the time and energy to sit and kiss for hours on end, it is unlikely they will see much of a difference – there are much better calorie burning alternatives (such as good old exercise) that would be much better for this.

What Can We Take From This?
It is important to remember that we shouldn’t take every story we read on the internet as gospel. Whilst the story about kissing and calories holds an element of truth, people seem to believe that the amount burned are far more than is actually true – or perhaps they are just using that as an excuse to kiss more?

However, there are some health benefits as well as the calorie burning – kissing reduces stress, increases relationship satisfaction and helps to lower cholesterol levels too.

Whilst kissing may not burn the number of calories people originally believed, it is still a fun way to burn some calories off, isn’t it?

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