Important Dating Advice for Men

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The Best Dating Advice for Men

When it comes to meeting the lady of your dreams, guys sometimes need a bit of help. Here are some useful online dating advice for men that’ll bring you one step closer to meeting Mrs. Right.

Advice for Single Men

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When you meet someone new, be mindful of your manners! Your momma probably told you this time and time again, so do her proud and show your crush that you’ve been raised right. This means remember small details about what she’s wearing, her eye color, and of course what she says. Remember fellas, chivalry isn’t dead!

Other important bits of dating advice men should remember include:

1. Confidence is Key – People want to date someone who is confident in themselves and they know that they are awesome and they have a lot to offer someone. Of course, with that confidence, there is a fine line between going too far and being narcissistic, which is a huge turn-off.

2. Stay Casual – On the first date, you don’t want to go overboard and lavish your date with expensive dinners and the whole nine yards. Instead, the first date should be a casual thing. We’re thinking more like coffee, a light dinner, maybe even a stroll in the park or going dancing.

3. Be Ready – The first date is where you’re going to have to show her what kind of guy you are, so your first impressions are going to have to really stick. So, go out and invest in a new outfit, get a slick haircut, and be sure that you look your best, smell your best, and are on your best behavior (remember your manners!).

4. Ask for Advice – When it comes to men, dating advice is something they will not go to their friends for. Instead, they’ll read articles (like this one) and wing it. However, we can’t tell you if your outfit is working for you. We can’t tell you that what you’ve planned for your date is going to make her swoon or block your phone number. This is where your friends will come into play. Don’t be shy to ask advice from them! They’re your friends for a reason, you know!

5. Keep Your Eyes On Your Date – When you’re out with your date, make sure you keep your eyes on her and don’t wander. We aren’t suggesting that you make googly eyes and creep her out, but you don’t want to be checking your phone every 10 minutes, nor do you want to check out some random chick as she walks by.

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