How Do You Kiss? Kissing Defines Your Personality!

Man and Woman Kissing

When you get close to someone with the intention of kissing them, exactly how this action is performed will be down to the context. If a relative is visiting, you may well brush lips in a relatively formal way that still signals affection. When greeting someone you don’t really know too well you might expect a kiss on either cheek – or even simply the ‘air kissing’ equivalent, when there is simulation but no actual contact.

But when the person you are sharing this moment with is either a partner or a potential lover, then you will be entering a whole new realm of possibilities in when it comes to kissing. For this latter situation, you should be under no illusions about the power that lies within your grasp. Or at least your lips. Once you master the art and earn the reputation of being a good kisser, you are well on your way to keeping a smile on your significant other’s face.

To say the way you kiss defines the type of person you are is no exaggeration. Kissing is a potent method of letting someone know how you feel about them. Mastering the various techniques should be very high on the agenda of any singleton thinking of dipping their toes into the dating arena. But before underlining this it’s worth giving an overview of kissing.

Cultural variations

What could be defined as non-sexual kissing varies across the globe. For continental Europeans and the nations they have emigrated to en masse such as Hispanic America, kissing on either cheek is used as a way of saying ‘hello.’ In northern Canada, what was once referred to as an ‘Eskimo kiss’ – affectionately rubbing noses together – remains a unique way of displaying friendship. There are other types of kissing which don’t involve the lips and which are used in many different cultures, such as blowing kisses.

A kiss on the back of a woman’s hand was once common in polite social situations, although this gesture hasn’t remained as widespread as similarly chivalrous acts such as holding doors open.

A lover’s kiss

The kisses that have truly gone way beyond greeting are those between partners. How you kiss a potential lover will transmit signals. A peck on the lips tells them you find them attractive; moving down to kiss the neck, or over to the earlobes, and you are telegraphing intense physical desire.

Kissing on the lips is where you can introduce new levels of passion. Once writhing tongues are introduced, foreplay is well and truly underway. Experts at this ‘French kissing’ can determine the degree of provocation within their kisses – slow and sensual, or fast and forceful. Once lip biting is factored in, the stage is set for heavy petting that will surely lead to a night of passion.

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