How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone: Useful Tips

How to Stop Obsessing

Give It Time

Breakups hurt and we often find ourselves thinking about the what if’s of what could have happened if the break up hadn’t happened. It can hurt to find out our previous partners have moved on, especially if they’ve moved on really quickly and it is important to have time to process and grieve the loss of our relationships as they’ve been such a big part of our lives for such a long time.

Giving ourselves time to breathe and grieve will often lead to any resentful feelings drifting away and we are able to stop obsessing over him or stop obsessing over her. When we try to move on too quickly and don’t give enough time to really think about what has happened, the feelings are often too fresh and raw and obsession with what might have been can come to fruition.

Remove Them from Your Life

Want to stop obsessing over an ex? Remove them completely from your life. Cease all contact with them – delete their messages, voicemails, call logs and perhaps even block their number. Bin any photos of the two of you together, get rid of things they bought you for your birthday or Valentines Day if you cannot bear to look at them. This doesn’t work for everyone but sometimes people need the clean break to avoid falling into obsessive behavior and trying to get the doomed relationship back on track.

Remind Yourself Of The Really Bad Things

People that don’t how to stop obsessing over a guy or how to stop obsessing over a girl often seem to put their exes or these people up on pedestals as if they can do no wrong. We all know this isn’t the case and when this happens and obsession threatens to rear its ugly head, reminding yourself of the really bad things about the relationship or person can really help to nip it in the bud.

The relationship wouldn’t have ended if something wasn’t wrong with it so focusing on that and not putting an ex up on an undeserved pedestal can ensure that any obsession is quickly dispersed as we remember why we are no longer in a relationship with them.

Do Something Different

Lastly, if you really want to know how to stop obsessing over someone, do something different. We often find ourselves in the same old routines, visiting the same old places we used to go with them. This isn’t healthy. Obviously, some places cannot be avoided but sometimes it is important to leave some places or things in the past. By doing something different and changing your routine, you won’t give those obsessive thoughts a chance.

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