How to Get Her to Think About You all of the Time

a girl thinking of you

Making Her Think About You

When you are dating someone you really like and you know that she really likes you, you have to keep that fire of passion burning, even when you are not together. In fact, this is something that you need to do, even if you are in a relationship. Of course, you don’t want to spend every waking minute with each other because that could be too boring, so you have to make sure that she wants to spend time with you when you are apart. If she is thinking of you when you are not together, then that is likely to make her want you more and will give your relationship a greater chance of flourishing and succeeding.

Spend Time Apart and Slow Down Communication

So, it is true when they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It does not matter if you are in a new relationship or a relationship that is a number of years old, absence does make you feel as though you want to be together. Every now and again, if she says she wants to spend time with you, tell her you have something to do but you will be thinking of her. This will leave her disappointed but when that time actually arrives, there is no doubt that you will be on her mind.

We live in a world where we communicate constantly and that gives us an almost virtual connection that never stops. If you reduce the amount of time communicating with her, the better it is for you because she will start to think about. So, limit the long telephone conversations and don’t always reply to that message immediately. You need to identify ways of how to stay on her mind and limiting communication is always a good place to begin.

Don’t Rush Things but Do Surprise Her

Any relationship that is rushed and pushes will more than likely fail. So, why not start by getting to know each other at a more relaxed pace. This will leave an air of mystery that lingers over a longer period of time and that will mean that the mystery and intrigue will leave her thinking about you. Despite that, it is important that you don’t take things too slow as that can be fatal for any relationship. So, add in that extra spark by surprising her occasionally. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but give her flowers for no reason or take her for a romantic walk. If you surprise her in this way, then you can be sure that she is always thinking about you.

Leave Her Reminders and Compliment Her

Creating that element of intrigue and making sure she thinks about you can be done using visual prompts. You can choose to leave her little notes, or maybe you could leave a photo of the both of you on your first date or your first romantic break away. These little reminders will ensure that you stay right at the front of her thoughts.

Women love compliments but they have to be the right ones. Don’t give her cheap compliments about her body, pay attention to the finer details such as her smile or her eyes or even the way she laughs. These kinds of compliments might be things that she has not noticed herself and so, she will be thinking about those compliments long after you have gone.

Be There for Her but Don’t Be Afraid to Break Routine

Perhaps words are not your strong point and so, you find it difficult to tell her how you are feeling. This is not a problem because you can show her in other ways. Actions can speak louder than words so be there for her when she needs you. Show her you are reliable and trustworthy and she will value you so much more. However, daily routines can sometimes take the spark out of a relationship. If you phone each other at the same time or text her, it can all become monotonous. So, if you want her to start thinking about you, you need to break this routine. When she is expecting that call, don’t make it and when she asks why tell her you were caught up in the office or you made a spontaneous trip to the gym. When you don’t make that call or text, she will be thinking about you and the chances are that she will make the call to you, proving that she really was thinking about you.

If She is Thinking About you She Wants You

Any relationship is built on the need to be with someone when you are apart. That burning desire to see them or speak to them is overwhelming but it adds to the passion and the fire in any relationship. If you can do the right things to make her think about you, you can be sure that your time together will be rewarding in every possible way. Making these subtle changes and decisions are not about upsetting her but they are about giving her a gentle reminder that she really is into you.

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