How to Flirt with Your Crush till They are Putty in Your Hands

Flirt with Your Crush


Once you find yourself alone with someone who makes your heart flutter, it’s only natural to try to overcome nerves. Yes, appearing to be diffident and cautious can be endearing, but far better to come across as confident. If you take a deep breath and summon the strength to at least appear to be self-assured, your conversation will carry much more authority. Your crush will soon be hanging on your every word, laughing at your jokes, being impressed by your anecdotes. A note of caution: you don’t want to overdo this. There’s a fine line between being captivating company and overly cocky.

Be natural

If you want your flirting to achieve the maximum effect, you need to approach the experience as equals. Never be tempted to put your crush on a pedestal, no matter how giddy they make your feel inside. Chat to them as if they are on the same wavelength as you. Don’t be afraid to tell risqué jokes or use coarse language. You don’t want to come across as being someone who sounds as if they’ve just come out of a barracks, but at the same time guys love a female who doesn’t take herself too seriously and is willing to self-deprecate.


A terrific way to flirt with your crush is to give compliments. These could be obvious ones, like the outfit they’re wearing, or their hairstyle. But if you can think of any deeper ones based on their conversation then that would be even better. Perhaps you can empathize with a philosophy of theirs, or a political view, or even their favorite type of music. If they get a sense that they can connect with you on a deeper level, then your flirting has achieved the result you were looking for.

Don’t hold back

Never be afraid of making the first move in any situation. The days of guys having to do this while the demur damsel sat back waiting to be wooed are long gone. This is the 21st century and females won’t be chastised for taking flirting to the next level. Guys won’t see this as evidence of loose behavior, or someone being ‘easy’ (unless they happen to be sexist bores.) They’ll love the fact that they’ve come across someone who isn’t afraid to express themselves.

Of course, it would be even better to do this gradually. By all means make the first move, but only after stoking the fire gradually, flirting by degrees. Your subtle innuendos can eventually develop into gentle touching.

What you must always do is avoid cheesy chat-up lines. Flirting is actually a fairly sophisticated and subtle wile, taking in various types of contact, from compliments to fluttering eyelashes to touching. All of these can be used in any combination.

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