How to Date French Women: Full Guide for Dating in France

Date French Women

If I said to you, French women, what kind of images and thoughts would that provoke. Natural beauty? Sexiness? Fun? Classy? All of these and more? That is the real beauty of dating French women, they have a certain air of intrigue about them and that is what makes dating a French woman so exciting. The French dating culture is different to that of other countries but when France conjures up thoughts of strolls along riverbanks, romance and beautiful food and wine, it is no surprise that dating in France requires you to understand what is expected of you. This is because the French dating culture does have a few unwritten rules that you should do your best to follow. This is simply because French women dating have expectations that you should meet, therefore, it is important to understand French women characteristics and how to impress them so your date becomes a success.

Make sure you understand them

As mentioned, French women are full of mystery and intrigue, it is this, that draws you to them but you have to understand that they have a real personality that means they are like magnets. They attract, they repulse and they blow hot and cold with passion but this is all down to their origins making it important to understand how to flirt in French. If you can flirt and understand them then you are more than likely going to turn your date in one that moves on to the next stage.

It is not just about good looks

You have to appreciate that all French women have a certain sophistication and they are not shallow or thoughtless. They are not always interested in drop-dead gorgeous people because they like to get to know people for what they are. They are cultured and elegant yet casual, it is as though all French women are like Parisian women and that is only a good thing!
So, it really isn’t just about the romance?
While the French are known to be romantic, French women are not necessarily always looking for that and you have to remember that when dating. They like to read about romance and see it in art but they do not fall for it because it is more of a fantasy for them. Therefore, try to get into the role of enjoying romance in the same way as they do, even if you have to be a little bit false.

French Women

They like a bit of ruggedness

The dating game in France is not just about looking pretty and we have touched on that. They are not the type to go for men who are beautiful in every way. They find a touch of ruggedness more appealing which means stubble and not perfectly moisturised skin, this is what makes dating French women so much fun because it is not all about your appearance.

Pick the right foods

If your date involves going for a meal then be sure to pick the right food. We all know that the French are great at creating amazingly flavoursome dishes and you will be judged on what you choose. Try not to be too sophisticated but do try to show that you are passionate about your food.

Be true to yourself

French women love a man who is confident and they particularly like that romantic story that we mentioned above. Therefore, the confidence you show will only make her feel like you know there is a spark between you. This element of being able to see ahead will really show that you have a masculine sense of confidence and they do find this irresistible.

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