How to Face Rejection When You Fell in Love

How to Face Rejection

Of course this is a tough subject to contemplate, and certainly one of the hardest situations to adjust to, romantic rejection can bring a number of negative emotions and thinking patterns that could scar your future romantic decisions. The rejection itself and the fear of rejection can play a large role in the type of person we aim to be with in the future. It’s imperative to reduce the period of suffering and turn the negative into a positive by using our experiences to our benefit. Here are our top tips to confront the rejection head on and get your life back on track.

Time will Tell

Time is a healer, and although this sounds like a cliché it really is. Dealing with rejection over time does become easier and this understanding can make your time of suffering much shorter. By living in the moment now and telling yourself it’s done, it’s over and I will feel better then you start to believe your own thoughts. Constant reminders of positive self-talk can help lessen the pain and the time it takes to get over it. Positive thinking will even help you learn from this experience and use it to your advantage in the future.

Fighting Fit

Increasing your health and wellbeing through physical fitness will improve your outlook on the situation, your state of mind and increase your own self confidence. Exercise encourages you to block out negative thoughts and concentrate on the spin class, the 5k run, the free weights or long walk around the block with friends whatever it may be! Feel active and feel alive with exercise, use this opportunity to improve self-esteem, meet other people, socialize and certainly show your ex what they are missing!

Travel makes the heart grow fonder

New opportunities, new people and new experiences will all help to contribute to overcoming rejection. A distraction from negative thoughts and focus on positive ones will soon replace feelings of rejection. Looking forward to the future is key, and saying yes to opportunities such as travelling will be an important part of this process.
The opportunity to travel whether it be far and wide, or visiting friends and family carves out new ways for you to meet new people. There is no room for rejection when you meet someone new, this could be a new found friendship, a rekindled friend or an opportunity for a new romance, either way your spirits are lifted, your confidence soars and you will back to your true self before you know it!

Online Help

It’s often difficult to approach a service, a GP or a professional to discuss concerns regarding romantic rejection. However the feelings you are experiencing are real and can be addressed. Internet access such as online counseling offers another aspect of support. Making appointments at a surgery may be a step too far at this stage, however online counseling and online self-help and advice offers opportunities to get the support you need in the comfort of your own home.

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