Dating After 40 – How Is It Like?

They say that the sun waits for no king or queen for that matter. One minute you’re the young and fresh teenager on the block with all your dating life ahead of you. And then the years seem to tick by like mileposts along a turnpike and before you know it, you’re 40! Now there are many reasons why you would find yourself single at 40. You could have for instance gone full-blown after your career and chose to settle down later. Or you could be divorced, or widowed. Whatever the case is for you, let’s look at how long you should date before marriage in your 40s.

What to Do with My Life at 40

It has been said that life starts at 40. With age surely comes experience and wisdom. Having spent four decades on planet Earth, you surely know your way around the block. You for instance understand your strengths, tastes and preferences quite well and even your weaknesses and shortcomings. At this point you have also most likely managed to get a stable career life going on for you.

If you are a single man over 40, this is the point where you will really wish to have some toddlers running all around the house. And a nice woman to kiss you good morning and wish you a good day. So by all means you should start to consider finding a good partner to settle down with and grow old together. A lot of reputable dating sites exist to help you with this.

Dating in Your 40s - What to Expect

Just like technology keeps shifting gear in this fast-paced era that we are living in, so does the dating space and you need to be well conversant with the modern trends before jumping into the dating arena. If you were used to the conventional asking your colleague out or trying out speed dating events, now all the juice has shifted online and people simply use dating apps like Tinder to land dates and hookups.

It’s important to also note that if you’re going to date someone in their 40s, this person is most likely to be somewhat stubborn because to them they are already who they are with little room for change. It’s wise therefore to settle for someone who really appeals to you as they are because you might be in for a shock if you expect to change them down the road.

How Does Dating Work?

Dating basically involves two mature people that are looking for ideal partners coming together and deciding to give it a shot. The truth is that we all need somebody to share the ups and downs of our lives with and this need only becomes apparent as we progress in life. Most people in senior dating sites for instance are looking for a serious life partner to marry.

The first step would be acknowledging that you are indeed lonely and you need somebody in your life. From here you can list down the traits that your ideal partner should possess so as to help you narrow down the list. It’s also important to understand your temperament and character to better know the kind of person that maybe suited for you.

Dating Rules for Women

Although different cultures possess varying outlooks on how each gender should behave during dating, some rules are universal and seem to apply across the divide. It was known to be a man’s job to chase after a woman especially in conventional cultures where a girl openly looking for a man would have been seen as promiscuous.

However, these rules no longer seem to apply especially in western countries where the philosophy of going after what you want applies to all genders. Most men however do prefer 'feminine' women that don’t like to dominate everything and make the guy feel powerless. As a lady it’s therefore nice to let that guy open that car door for you and spoil you to the nice little treats.

How Long Should You Wait to Get Married?

The question of how long to wait until you get married while dating is one that seems to elicit mixed reactions. Even so when you have already clocked 40 and time no longer seems to be on your side. However many people have landed in hot soup for rushing things and getting married too soon. Others have lost valuable opportunities for waiting too long to get married.

As a mature person over 40, you already know what you are looking for in a partner and if you come across a suitable candidate, you should both have a sense of urgency in your dating process without however pressuring each other. If you go from several months to a year still dating happily, that should be a green light towards walking down the aisle.

Chances of Getting Married After 40

Although society has programmed us to think that dating and marriage are for the young in their 20s, this is not a rule written in stone. Anyone can have a happy dating life at any age if they deeply want to and they put in the desired effort. Some things like bearing children after marriage might require younger women for instance but then in cases where someone is widowed or divorced, it’s safe to say that everybody deserves a second chance.

It’s indeed very possible to get married in your 40s especially if you find the best senior dating sites. For a single man over 40, this might prove a bit easier because they can simply find a younger woman and start a new family. For a woman over 40, it might be ideal to get a man who is not looking to get kids or already has some so that you can enjoy your senior life together.

Hitting 40 is not a mean achievement and you should be very proud of yourself. If you’re seeking a likeminded partner, there are lots of great senior dating sites for finding romance. Simply get your preferences right and dive right in. Sooner or later you can enjoy that fancy wedding in your 40s.

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