Dating – American Women vs. European Women

American Women vs. European

In general the unpinning rules of the dating game are simple, and tend not to vary too much between each continent. However this does not mean that the dating culture, in specific the American dating culture has to stick to these rules hard and fast. By its very nature dating different women offers different challenges, approaches, social skills and so forth but does dating American women really differ that much from European women?!

The European Process

European Woman

Generally speaking dating the European way can differ greatly, on the whole it is much more of a slower, sophisticated process. The traditions of dating are shown more, where rapport is built up over time and there is plenty of room for improvising, originality and an openness to see what it around the corner when dating.
However the American culture does suggest its dating scene is a lot more brass, prearranged process that is almost expected from the outset.

Staying with the American culture maturity plays a big role in what is expected when dating American women. When it comes to love and dating American women score a lot lower on the maturity scale. The school girl excitement of meeting and dating boys stays with them long into their 30s and 40s, and this immaturity can comes across as being flaky and relying more on the opinions and closeness of their female friends to guide them through the dating process. Inspiration and expectation in some cases of how dates are supposed to go can be drawn from the all-powerful trends of American social media, reality TV, celeb magazines and so on.

On the other hand when dating European women you will notice that in general these women have grown up fast. European women in their teens tend to have traditional methods to dating; they are serious about where their lives are heading and serious about the dating scene. However, this approach can be more full-on, as they get serious from the outset rather than teasing, playful start to dating within the American culture.

Independent Woman

American Woman

Despite being more immature than European women with an approach to dating American women actually have more of an independent culture. There are a number of inbuilt historical and cultural shackles placed on European women when dating such as social views, family representations, religious history and behavioral expectations which make them a lot more rigid in this sense. But this rigidity does make them more predictable although more dependent when dating.

However, when dating an American woman you do get a sense of freedom, playfulness and enjoyment from the outset. Their curiosity and playful nature allows the dating experience to be unpredictable and adventurous along the way. Therefore the choice is yours, a playful free spirited independent but immature American or a dependable mature European women with traditional values of dating to the core.

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