Conversations That Will Rekindle the Flame with Your Partner

Rekindle Passion

At the early stages of all relationships it’s thrilling; it’s exciting, you are absorbing information about each other left right and center. You hang on to every story told and piece of information shared as if it’s life or death to remember. But what happens when you have shared all you can, all stories told and your relationship is becoming predictable when it comes to conversations.
Well read on to see our top 3 conversation starters to reignite the intimacy and passion back into your relationship. By sharing something personal or opening up to each other like you used to can really spark the interest that has been recently missing.

So, try these starters, see what happens you have nothing to lose.

Send them an invite


Inviting them back into your life can be seen as step one, this is a perfect move to rekindle interest in each other. Invite them in by finding out what their goals are, what they want to achieve and work towards their dreams. If you are both on the same page working towards the same goals then you instantly become a team. Invite them in, share your goals and been a good host to them while they are there.
If you are both constantly evolving and working towards something together then this is your excuse to keep reviewing how you are both getting on, showing you care and hear to help.

Use your Memories

Spice up

As mentioned earlier the initial stages of your relationship was full of positive thoughts, feelings and constantly looking to make memories. Re-imagining these butterflies you had, and the thrills you experienced can be the spark required.
Starting off conversations the enable you both to remember your first dates, or holidays and the feelings you both shared when you couldn’t wait to see each other. Relationships do hit a plateau and often lose their focus. However, remembering the qualities you once saw in each other and the small things that got you both excited can be the trigger you need to make new memories.

Feel their Fantasy


Talk about sex, bring it up in any shape or form. Ok well not any form. But discussing this topic will automatically get both parties thinking about they like, or used to like. Finding out what your partner’s fantasy is can be a healthy way to work towards a shared interest. Keep the spark alive by asking each other what are the secret desires that are being held back in your relationship. This doesn’t necessarily mean you carry out these desires straight away and then it’s over, but it does mean you can both start to feel comfortable again being on this topic and discussing each other’s likes and dislikes. Over time this topic will crop up more and more and become an easy and comfortable topic to share, and act upon.

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