Pregnant and Horny? Learn How to “Spice” Your Sexual Life

Making cute babies seems to be the ultimate climax for any couple that finds themselves head over heels in love. You get too attached to a person that you cannot quite imagine going through the hardest phase of your life without them. However more often than not, we are confronted with the tough parameter of the great unpredictability of human behavior especially when huge responsibility like pregnancy and parenthood come calling. Although you may have envisioned the sweetest marriage full of wild love stories with your partner but somehow that has been cut short while you’re pregnant, we want to show you that this is not the end of the road for you.

Pregnant and Dating Show

TV has got to be every pregnant woman’s best friend. Right from the minute that your pregnancy test kit reads positive, the mother in you takes full command and you immediately find yourself wanting to read magazines, listen to programs and watch shows that are related to pregnancy and dating. You want to know the best foods to eat, the right exercises that won’t harm you and baby, how to carry on with your sex and dating life, the best mode of dressing, sleeping patterns and so on.

Carrying a baby for a full 9 months is not a walk in the park. You will find yourself confronted with some wild cravings that never existed, crazy mood swings, weight gain, wardrobe change and a whole lot of other changes that you are not used to. If you are also in the unfortunate scenario where the father of your child has taken a hike from assuming responsibility right when you need him the most, it’s important to note that many women do go through this and watching a nice pregnant and dating show can help you relate with like-minded women.

What Can Pregnant Women Do for Fun?

If there’s one light that you should never switch off from your life, it’s your entitlement to have fun. No situation or person should ever have to take that from you. Carrying that great bundle of joy in your belly should be one of the happiest moments of your life and one way to enjoy this is joining a group of other pregnant women. There are so many fun activities you can get to do together like exercising and doing belly massages, going out for mother and baby shopping, indulging your wild appetites in some pregnancy-friendly delicacies and so on.

In the scenario that your baby daddy left you all alone during this sensitive period, you can join a dating blog where lots of men are looking for pregnant women. You will be amazed to find out how many guys actually find a baby bump sexy and attractive. Your baby’s mental health will be directly affected by how you handle your emotions during pregnancy and so instead of crying yourself in a corner, jump right back into the dating wagons and enjoy lots of laughter and orgasms. Lots of good sex is actually healthy during pregnancy.

Why Do Men Like Pregnant Women?

Men are highly visual beings that are wildly attracted to the curves and contours of the female body. Now during pregnancy, all the growth hormones of a woman seem to go to work bringing out a full, well-accentuated body shape that most men cannot seem to resist. It’s also a commonly known fact that sons tend to worship their mothers for bringing them to this world and this same gratitude seems to extend to all the other pregnant women that they meet. Society molds a man to become the protector of the weaker ones who are women and children. During pregnancy, a woman is seemingly at her weakest and it’s this delicate nature that appeals greatly to a man. He will want to come in and offer a helping hand when you need it and just walk with you through the journey.

How to Date while Pregnant

The blessing of motherhood is surely one to be grateful for. Pregnancy signifies a start of new life and so this should be an opportunity for you to grow other areas of your life including dating. Assuming that the father of your child is no longer in the picture as a partner, this doesn’t have to imprison you in the cages of loneliness and solitude. As earlier discussed, lots of men out there find pregnant women attractive and you can hit a score easily once you open your mind and soul to that possibility.

First you should choose a mature and understanding man that can bear with all the ups and downs that come with pregnancy. This is a period marked with crazy mood swings and cravings and only an understanding man can handle that. It’s also important to try and be as a darling as possible to this person who loves you along with your baby bump. Pregnant women tend to feel horny all the time due to the hormonal upsurge and you should use this to spoil your man like a king.

Advice for Dating Pregnant Woman

If you have some fetish for pregnant women, it’s easy to land yourself an attractive one by simply understanding what they like. Most times when you encounter a pregnant, single lady, she is mostly heartbroken by her baby daddy. This may cause some resentment in her towards men and if you are to break this notion in her, you must be a patient and consistent man.

Be on the top of your game by knowing the best tips for pregnant women and sharing them with her. This will score major points for you as a concerned man. You can also tag along during baby clinics and make a habit of complimenting her on how attractive she looks. Be ready to take care or her soaring appetites as well both in the kitchen and in bed.

Pregnancy without a doubt is one of the most beautiful aspects of life. We all have that to thank for our very existence. Even if you have just undergone a nasty breakup while pregnant, this doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the amazing phase of your life that you’re in now. Simply hang around positive like-minded individuals, read and watch informative materials, get yourself an understanding partner and say hello to your new, rich life.

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