Best Questions to Ask Your Date

Best Questions to Ask

You’ve got a great date lined up, you’re at a fantastic venue and everything seems perfect. Then your mind just goes blank. You can’t think of anything to say and the date is being ruined by a stone wall and awkward silence.

Sound familiar? Well, you aren’t alone because countless dates start heading in this direction.

The good news is that we have 3 of the best questions to ask your date. Not only will this avoid any awkward silences and wishing that you were both somewhere else, but it will also allow for an engaging and interesting conversation too.

#1 Where is the best place you have travelled to?

This is a classic because it allows your date to talk about something they love. Everyone has been somewhere that they really liked whether it is a place across the other side of the world or perhaps a location closer to home that they travelled to for a weekend.

It really gets the conversation flowing and it can lead to a lot of follow up questions too. ‘What did you like most about it?’ ‘Is there anywhere else you would really like to go to?”

The possibilities are endless with this question and it will get the date off to a good start.

#2 If you had to choose 3 people, who would you have round for dinner?

This is classic way to stimulate a conversation. We’ve all been asked this at some point in our lives and the reason for that is because it works!

It will make your date really think about the answer and it can result in a long conversation about their choices, why they picked them and also who you would choose if you had the chance.

It also provides a valuable insight into the other person, what their views and interests are and you can learn a lot about them from the question.

#3 What have you watched / read recently?

It is such a simple question but it is a highly effective one.

By asking them about a book they have read or a TV show or movie they watched you get to have a discussion about that topic. Ask open ended questions like “why did you like it?” and if there are any similar books, shows or movies.

It can lead to a very in depth and engaging conversation about a topic your date is passionate about.

Questions for first date success

Going on a date can be stressful and it can fill you with anxiety however long silences and short answers from your date will only make this worse.

These 3 questions are guaranteed to result in interesting and long conversations about topics your date will need to put some thought into. Don’t ask closed questions that only require 1 or 2 word answers and instead aim for opened ended questions that require some thought and a detailed response.

Dates should be fun and with these questions the chances of having a great time are increased.

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