Are You Dateable or Are You a Fling?

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When dating it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement for the first few weeks, maybe even months and fully enjoy your time while it lasts. However, you may have noticed this time ends quite abruptly and usually around the same 1 to 2 month mark. This may indicate that you are more of a fling man than a dateable one. But this is ok, for now, fling man enjoy the sense of excitement and thrill of being with someone new, they seek the unknown and buzz from this. However, some women depending on the stage of their lives are looking for more of a dateable man with the hope that their dates last longer than 1 or 2 months.
Here are our top tips to find out whether you are datable or just a fling man at this point.

Informal Dates

Dating men

Do you often find yourself asking your date to hang out or catch up rather than formalizing a date. This suggests that you are more inclined to fling, creating a non-dependent no strings attached opportunity to meet up. Whatever happens from here is a bonus. If you are clear with your intentions and organize dates that have clear start and end points then this suggests you are more dateable, a more formal approach to dating provides a clear to path to where this dating process is going!

Pure Chemistry

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If you are a fling guy you may also find yourself looking at potential dates and the success of dates based purely on sexual chemistry. Of course, all relationships must have that, but a dateable guy can see past this and looks to find traits that are spending time with and peeling back the layers.
Fling guy just sees sexual attraction in others, and this is by all means not exclusive to the person sitting opposite them.

No Romance

A dateable guy adds romance to the equation, the extra mile is taken and the dates are well thought through and planned. If you are a fling guy then you may well find yourself meeting up with partners as if you are strangers, romance is left at home, no flowers or expression of interest or dare I even say it, love! A fling guy just wants his ego massaged and his thirst for sex, quenched!

Deep Connection

A more dateable guy will search for a deeper connection, bring up topics of interest, get their partners take on things and hold conversations on almost any topic. A fling guy may well find himself searching for topics of interest, not how much care for opinions or values and may even just want to cut to the chase. Are you single, can we have sex?! Dateable men look for the traits that are more sustainable for a long lasting relationship whereas fling guy is here for a good time, not a long time!

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