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Polyamorous relationships have been gaining popularity, especially over the last five years. As modern society changes, non-monogamy has been on the rise. It is estimated that 4-5% of the population in the United States are in a polyamorous relationship, whereas 20% of the population have at least tried a non-monogamous relationship. There are several different forms of polygamy; these include open relationships, partnered non-monogamy, swinging, and progressive swinging. All are slightly different from each other, some of these forms are more casual than others, some are more serious, and other forms tend to be more focused on sex. Ethically non-monogamous relationships are often frowned upon as they are definitely not a form of traditional dating. Still, in today’s society, people are becoming much more accepting, and many individuals are interested in at least trying a polyamorous relationship. There are many people searching for an individual to spice up their relationship which is where online dating comes in. These websites allow members who are currently involved in polygamy to find a hookup, friendship or even a third person to enter the relationship long-term, one of the best and most accepting dating services for polyamorous people is

What Is a Polyamorous Relationship?

A polyamorous relationship isn’t straightforward. There are many different ways people establish a non-monogamous relationship. Some people live together as a complete partnership, whereas others engage in sexual relationships with their partners’ knowledge. Finding the right person to complete your relationship is important; you must be honest with them so they can understand where they will stand in the relationship. Polygamy isn’t cheating. It’s not the same as sleeping with somebody behind your partners back and then saying you are ‘poly,’ it is done in full agreement amongst all individuals so nobody’s feelings get hurt, and everybody knows where they stand. Polygamy isn’t an excuse for people who can’t commit, and a partner will still be committed to their other half even when somebody else does enter the relationship. In contrast, an individual in a monogamous relationship often jumps from partner to partner. Of course, polygamy can come with its problems, some people may not agree with the hierarchy that is in place, others may get jealous, but the most important thing is to keep the communication flow. This way, you can prevent any unwanted situations from occurring.

Polyamorous Dating Advice & Tips

When you enter a polyamorous relationship, it is important to sit down with all individuals involved and talk through what you want and what you expect from the relationship. This way, everyone can keep on the same page. Entering a polyamorous relationship can seem a little unnerving, especially if the relationship you are entering has been going on for a long time. This is why it is important that each individual is given the love and attention they need if one person is gaining a little more than the other; this, of course, can lead to feelings of jealousy. People who are poly generally know how to love more than one person at a time. In some instances, poly relationships are often described to people who are confused as to how non-monogamy works as holding the same feelings as somebody who has multiple children, and they love them all the same. To find somebody suitable for the relationship, sign up to a dating service like, an all-inclusive dating community. All you need to do is sign up, create a profile, personalize the search filters, and start sending flirty messages to those that have appeared in your match results. This is the easiest way to find people who are interested in polygamy as let’s be honest; finding somebody out in the real world is much harder.

What Is a Poly Lifestyle?

A poly lifestyle is unique as each polyamorous relationship is different, so there isn’t a specific guide for what exactly a poly relationship is. Some people tend to live together in the same home and raise children together. There are no specific rules so there could be two men and one woman or vice versa, so it is important to know what you are looking for in a polyamorous relationship. Many people tend to focus on the sexual side a little more, seeking an extra partner that they can have a sexual connection with. Some people prefer an open partnership while others prefer a closed polyamorous relationship; this is why communication is vital, so everybody knows what to expect from the relationship, and nobody’s feelings end up hurt. Some people are rather outspoken about their polyamorous setup while others tend to keep it private, whatever you are searching for, make sure you sit down and discuss this with one another. is a great way to do this as you can video chat with potential love interests before actually arranging a meetup, making it much easier for everyone involved and saving time.

Conclusion: Polyamorous Relationship Rules

When entering a polyamorous relationship, it is important to know that there aren’t any set rules; these are instead determined by the people involved in the relationship. This is because there are different types of poly relationships, some are open, others are closed, and some tend to be more focused on outsourcing sex from another individual away from the original partnership, while still having their partners consent. Sign up to a dating service like, complete the search filters, and start talking to people interested in joining a polyamorous relationship. Let them know who you are and what exactly you are looking for in terms of your polyamorous relationship. Organize a video chat and sit down altogether so you can discuss what you are all hoping to gain from this arrangement. Hopefully, each individual can proceed into forming a happy and healthy polyamorous arrangement.

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