5 Reasons you Might Cancel a First Date Before it Happens

Cancel a First Date

Whether you met across a crowded room or were introduced through friends or a dating site, you have decided to meet for your first date. But wait…….something is not sitting quite right with you and you have decided that you want to cancel. Let’s take a look at 5 popular reasons that you might cancel the first date before it happens:

You have discovered something fishy….

So, you couldn’t help it and you decided to go for a little Facebook stalk! While looking through their various selfies and fun with friends you discover a picture of your potential date cosied up with another man or woman! You tell yourself initially that it is probably an ex until you realise it was only taken a couple of weeks ago. Upon further investigation. it would seem that they actually have a partner already! Busted! Time to cancel that date. Aren’t you glad your curiosity got the better of you?

They are already appearing very needy

Both men and women like to be kept on their toes. They don’t want it all laid bare from the get go. You especially don’t want to feel like you are already tied to that person before you even go on your first date. If you have been messaging someone and they seem to be bombarding you with good mornings, good days and good nights as if you are already in a relationship then this should be a warning sign. This sort of constant messaging can be a sign of either someone who is going to be very demanding of your time or maybe even a bit of a control freak.

Perhaps they haven’t messaged enough if at all

Have you had to do all the chasing and arranging of the date? Have they even contacted you since you arranged it? If you are ploughing on full steam ahead then it may be worth checking that they are actually planning on attending. If they haven’t contacted you even once since arranging the date then it may be a good idea to knock it on the head. While you don’t want someone messaging you every five minutes, it would be nice to think that you at least figure on their radar occasionally.

They want to decide all the details

It’s not very chivalrous if one party insists on making all the plans. If your date has booked the restaurant, decided what time you will meet and has arranged where you will go afterwards then this could be a sign that they like to be in control. You may not be keen to make all of the decisions, and be relieved that someone else is taking the initiative, but it is not a good sign if they don’t even consult you. If this is the case it may be time to cancel that first date.

They have cancelled on you more than once before

What? And you are still considering a date with them? Have some self-respect! Once is understandable although not entirely forgivable but twice? They may have genuine reasons for cancelling the date twice but do you want to be second fiddle to someone who drops you over whatever else it is that is making them cancel? Say goodbye and move on!

If after reading the above, you are still considering that first date then you only have yourself to blame if it doesn’t end well. If there are any doubts at all then this should be a sure sign that you need to cancel that first date.

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